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  • Before You Join the Exodus to Charter Schools--Do Your Research!
    In recent years, many students and parents are racing away from public schools and signing up for charter schools. The problem with this is that parents often idealize charter schools. What do you need to know before you run - and why shouldn't you let "Waiting for Superman" scare you?
  • Is Your Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten?
    When you reach the end of your little one's preschool schedule, deciding if it is time to move on to kindergarten can be overwhelming. Look for key readiness cues and ask yourself, what do I do if my child isn't ready for kindergarten? Evaluate your options to find the best plan for your family.
  • Let Me Be a Child: Reasons Against Child Beauty Pageants
    Supporters of child beauty pageants call the critics the problem. These false claims are negated with research from the American Psychological Association.
  • What on Earth Can You Do About a Strong-Willed Preschooler!
    Strong-willed preschoolers display a number of characteristics including dominance, assertiveness and independence. Parents often struggle to maintain appropriate control of these children, even at a young age.
  • The Ultimate Betrayal: The Murder Trial of Casey Anthony
    Her family destroyed by the toddler's death, the story of Caylee Anthony gripped the entire nation and world. We ponder the lack of maternal instinct and care, a missing child and grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • How to Select an Infant Daycare Center: A Guide for New and Expectant Parents
    Many working parents find it necessary to seek caregiver arrangements for their infants. One common option is to enroll an infant in a licensed daycare center with an experienced and qualified staff. If you are researching infant room services, then use this checklist as a handy resource guide.
  • The Cat In the Hat Has Lost His Topper: Help Him Make a New One
    Rainy days or hot, steamy ones -- either way, you are likely to hear, "Mom, I'm bo-o-ored!" Let Dr. Seuss and his infamous Cat help keep your kids engaged when you make a felt Cat in the Hat hat. Preschoolers will love this project, which they can make easily with your help.
  • How to Help Your Child Cope With Anger
    The angry or frustrated child needs an outlet for his anger. Teach him how to identify his feelings and triggers and how to cope when the feelings arise.
  • Teaching Kids Empathy
    Want your preschooler to experience great friendships, have success in school and express emotions in a healthy way? Of course you do! Empathy is a key ingredient in the recipe for happy, emotionally healthy children. Learn how to help your preschooler develop this important skill!
  • Preschool Special Needs: Help for Parents
    Parents of special needs children have huge responsibilities before them. One responsibility is to make sure their children are getting a proper education. This article describes preschool parent resources for children with special needs. Read on and become proactive for your child.
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