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  • End-of-the-Year Preschool Checklist: Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
    There are many ways to prepare a child for kindergarten. Helping him learn to interact socially, refining motor skills and developing literacy and language skills are just a few. This guide provides some tips for parents and educators as well as readiness activities for preschoolers.
  • Teaching Children About Patterns
    During the early elementary school years, students learn how to arrange objects and numbers into patterns. You can expand upon this concept at home with parent-child pattern activities.
  • Intervention Strategies in the Preschool Classroom
    Have you ever wondered what options you have for early childhood intervention strategies in the classroom? Here we will look at milestones, delays, assessments, evaluations, and intervention strategies for the early childhood years.
  • How Children Learn Skills From the Kitchen Cabinet
    Your kitchen is a laboratory for learning. See how many preschool learning activities you can present to your children with objects from your kitchen cabinets. Here are a few to try.
  • It's Not Easy Being the Middle Child
    Birth order, in combination with environmental and genetic factors, can shape personality development. Middle-born children often exhibit characteristics that allow them to prosper in the family composition, but tend to be overshadowed by their siblings.
  • STAND STILL! I Need to Measure and Weigh You
    You decide to measure the weight and height of your child at home. He’s certainly doing well since his last checkup, but has he grown? He won't stand still for the time you need to mark the wall or for the scale to register his weight. So just how do you get accurate measurements?
  • Can You Really Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems Quickly?
    Get to grips with your child's sleep problems using methods that have been proven to work, and are easy to implement. You and your preschooler will be getting a good night's sleep in less than a week - no tricks, just tips.
  • Preschool: A Necessity or Not?
    As parents, we've all heard it: "Where does your child go to preschool?" What if your child isn't enrolled in a preschool program? What if she was home with you until the first day of kindergarten? Does missing out put her at a distinct disadvantage compared to her preschool-attending peers?
  • Children's Library Fun: Tips and Ideas for Parents for a Successful Event
    Trips to the library are an important part of the reading process. Teach children early that the library is a fun place to go and borrow books that can enlighten their world. Read on to find ideas on taking your kids to the library.
  • Trends Worth Trying: A Look at Recordable Kids Books
    Recordable books like those from Hallmark make a thoughtful and original gift. Divorced or deployed parents use them to maintain a connection with kids; grandparents and other involved individuals do the same. They improve reading skills and the recorded memories last forever.
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