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  • How to Make Friends in Junior High
    While there is not one solution for making friends at any age, these tips ideas have proven helpful for many kids as they enter this important transition age.
  • Attitudes Count: Tips for Success in Middle School and in Life
    What is the most important thing to teach kids regarding how they can learn to get along and to succeed academically? If you could give them one piece of information that would ensure their success, what would it be?
  • Getting Along with Teachers: Tips for Middle School Students
    As children begin school this year, one of the most important things is to get along with their teachers. While there are varying opinions on this matter, one fact is that the only way to improve relationships between students and teachers is for both sides to try harder to make it work.
  • Time Management for Parents and Teens
    Managing time is just as important for kids as it is for adults. With so many demands on kids today with deadlines for reports, books to read and various projects and assignments, how do you help your child balance it all?
  • Using Gaming to Encourage Healthy Habits
    Nearly every kid today plays video games, and most parents believe they play too much. However, gaming can be used to encourage healthy habits, and even boost energy levels and encourage teamwork. Learn more about how to transform your child's gaming habit into a healthy habit.
  • How to Encourage Your Child to Keep Fit in the Technology Age
    With so much technology access today, how do you keep your kids fit and healthy?
  • When Your Child Does Not Like His or Her Teacher
    There can be a number of reasons why your child may butt heads with his or her teacher. Before completely siding with either party, try to understand both sides of the situation in order to improve the relationship.
  • Helping a Child Cope with Test Anxiety
    Do you have a child who suffers from text anxiety? This can range from mild symptoms to those more severe, and bleed over into other areas of your child's life. Learn some tips to help mitigate the anxiety, while still encouraging your child's best efforts on tests.
  • How to Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullying
    If there is one word that evokes emotion with your child it would be the word bully. Everybody deals with bullying at some point in life. In this day of technology it can be even easier for bullies to get to their targets using email, facebook and phones. What can you do as a parent?
  • Parents Should Not Help Too Much With Homework
    Most likely, you've encountered the person at work who constantly seeks approval of the boss. "Am I doing this right?" "Does this look good to you?" "What were the steps in that process again?" Children also seek validation, when it comes to their homework. As parents, it's very tempting to step in.
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