Parenting Preteens & Tweens

The tween and preteen years are busy. Your not-a-child and not-a-teen is adjusting to, well, just about everything! There are multiple classes to attend, myriad activities to try and clubs to join; there are growth spurts (or lack thereof) to endure, emotions to control; there are notes and books and lockers to organize, and, oh, you want them to actually learn something too? Find advice, opinion and tips for helping your child succeed and thrive during the middle school years, written and vetted by experienced parents, teachers and other educational professionals.

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  • Finding the Best School Activities for Middle School Kids
    With the new school year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the types of activities that you want your kids to get involved with. Every child is different. How do you choose the best activities for your child to get them interested in extracurricular activities?
  • How to Encourage Your Child to Read More
    Reading is one of the most important academic fundamentals that schools teach. Though the technology of how we read has changed around us, the basic elements of Reading have not. Neither has the importance of the act of reading and how it follows us throughout our entire lives.
  • How to Prepare Your Middle School Child for a New School Year
    It can be challenging to know what to do to get your middle school child ready for all of the activities, requirements and events that will go on during the school year. Here are a few tips that you can follow that may come in handy as you ready your youngster for yet another academic year.
  • 5 Great Jobs for Preteens
    If you have thought about helping your preteen get a job, it’s a great idea! It gives them a sense of responsibility, makes them feel good about themselves by using their skills to make their own money, and helps create confidence in them for future jobs.
  • How to Keep Kids Safe When Bringing Their Own Smart Devices to School
    With an increasing number of schools utilizing the BYOD policy (“Bring your own device"), some parents and even administrators have concerns about the legal and safety issues. What should you know as a parent to keep your child secure?
  • Using Technology to Remediate Skills
    Schools are required to have remediation programs for students who are not meeting their goals on standardized tests. Mobile apps and other technologies are rushing in to fill the gaps where teachers and traditional methods leave off. Learn how working with tech can help your child.
  • Teaching Kids How to Make and Win Friends in the Digital Age
    One of the skills kids need most is how to make and win friends. There is no cookie-cutter pattern for making and keeping friends, but there are some specific social skills you can teach them.
  • Creative Learners: Understanding How They Think
    Many schools expect all children to learn at the same pace, but not all kids learn the same way. This article explores the way creative children think to other kids and gives tips on what you can do to help them get along at school while still nourishing their creative abilities.
  • Social Skills for Tweens: How Adolescents Differ from Teens
    When teaching young people social skills, it is important to remember that while there are similarities, adolescents are not teens yet and there are some differences. Here are some important tips for parents on handling their pre-teen child.
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