Parenting Grade-School Aged Kids

Are you the parent or guardian of a child in Pre-K through Grades 5? Are you looking for tips and advice from other parents, as well as from educators that can help guide you through these oh-so-important early educational years? Then you will love Bright Hub Education’s compilation of articles and opinions on how you can help your grade-schooler academically excel.
You’ll discover fun and educational ways you can enhance your child’s learning. You’ll also find advice on how to calm those first day jitters and what to do about separation anxiety. We also have tips and readiness checklists to help decide if your child is ready to enter a specific grade. And, there’s expert advice on what you should do when your young student is struggling, how to handle bullying, how to best communicate with the teacher and the school, and what you should, and should not do, if you are concerned your child may have an undiagnosed learning disability.
But most of all, we hope the information we provide will help you and your child make the most of the grade school years with information you can trust from experienced teachers and parents.