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  • Teaching Kids to Make Realistic New Year’s Resolutions that They Will Keep
    Teachers often assign kids to write down a list of things they want to do better, or to achieve with the coming year as everyone prepares for the holidays. Kids often make resolutions that are hard to keep. It is important to teach kids learn to make realistic resolutions.
  • Tips for Parental Involvement in Media for Kids
    Are we what we watch? Hardened criminals have acknowledged addictions to pornography and other unsuitable media. Violent movies and video games may not turn your child into a murderer, but it could produce unhealthy behavior. Learn what you can do to protect your children.
  • Media Gifts You Can Make at Home
    Many people automatically envision crafts when they hear the term handmade but there are other ideas you can do at home as well. Everything from a self-created poem to a CD mix of a person’s favorite music can be a great stocking stuffer or unexpected gift.
  • How to Teach Kids to Buy Meaningful Christmas Gifts without Spending a Fortune
    This Christmas season, think about what you would want your child to value most about the holidays and try to trim down the commercialization in favor of some more significant, longer-lasting gifts.
  • How to Make the Holidays a Special Family Time in Today’s Busy World
    If you are wondering how to make the time for holiday fun but just don’t know how to schedule it all in, you are not alone. Here are some simple and easy steps you can take to guard your time during the holidays.
  • Thanksgiving Tips: Teaching Gratefulness
    With Thanksgiving approaching, thoughts turn to gratefulness. Many teachers will ask students to make lists of things they are thankful for and perhaps share some with class members. Teaching kids gratefulness should be something parents and teachers incorporate year round, as well.
  • Teaching Children to be Grateful
    Gratitude is an important concept young children need to be taught. The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas present the perfect opportunity to teach children to be thankful. Here are some tips for parents on achieving that goal.
  • Top Educational Apps to Help with Learning Skills
    Mobile apps can be effective educational tools. Kids enjoy the gaming aspect of them, they can use them virtually anywhere and they teach them valuable technical skills as well. Learn about five recommended apps and why more schools are encouraging their use.
  • How Parents Can Beat the Structural Barriers That Keep Kids From Reading
    Students who struggle with reading often do not have enough time to catch up to the rest of their class before advancing. Here's what parents can do to help remove any barriers to learning that may be hurting your kids.
  • Back to School Supplies: Tips to Prepare
    Use this guide to make sure your child has the right student back to school supplies without draining your bank account. These tips are invaluable when it comes to being prepared and saving money!
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