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  • Brush Up On Crucial Skills: Summer Math & Science Review for Primary Students
    Tick-tock, tick-tock! As the clock counts down the days of August, parents may become concerned that all those essential math skills taught from September to June have flown right out of their small children’s heads. Download worksheets to give your child a great start to a new school year.
  • Summer Review for Primary Students: Brush up on Reading & Social Studies with Downloadable Workbooks
    Whether your kids are gearing up to head back to school or summer has just begun but you want to make sure they keep learning, the downloadable worksheets provided here will help your elementary-aged children refresh and strengthen their reading and social studies skills.
  • How Sports and Academics Complement Each Other
    School team sports and physical education classes are sometimes criticized for drawing kids away from important learning time, but is there a connection between physical activity and academics?
  • Let’s Take a Walk: Explore your Habitat
    How long has it been since you and your child have taken a slow walk and looked at the world around you? Discover how something as simple as a walk can be full of valuable learning experiences.
  • How to Help Your Kids with Material You Don’t Know
    Many parents feel that they are not adequately prepared to meet the challenges of new education standards or to help children with their homework, much less prepare them for the new computerized tests. Learn ways that you can help your child, even in unfamiliar territory.
  • Creating a Step-by-Step Plan for Success for Kids in School
    No matter how successful a child is, it always helps to think in terms of how to help them do even better in the coming months than they have in the past. There is no cookie cutter formula, but a number of proven methods may get you on the right track toward improving your child’s success in school.
  • Teaching Kids to Organize for School and Home
    If you have trouble motivating your kids to get and stay organized, you are not alone! Kids are not natural organizers. Many adults are not either! Learn some practical organizational tips you can teach your child that will help throughout his or her life.
  • How Nonsense Can Be a Learning Experience
    Children will look forward to learning when you make it a game. Discover a way to teach grammar to young kids with a fun activity they will want to "play" again and again.
  • Positive Media and How it Can Help Your Kids Succeed
    In previous posts, we talked about the ill effects of negative and violent media on young minds. This post focuses on positive media, which can serve as a wellspring of information to help kids succeed and be a positive inspiration to them.
  • Media Access: Guarding Kids against Inappropriate Media
    Criminals who are just hours from execution have revealed that the influence of violent media pushed them over the edge to commit violent crimes repeatedly. Parents can take action to protect children from the potentially harmful effects of inappropriate television, games and other media.
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