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  • Keep Kids Skills up During the Breaks
    Here are a few ideas parents can implement over breaks to keep their child's skills sharp.
  • Beating the Standardized Test Doldrums
    Many kids get stressed out by the thought of taking a test. Here are some tips to keep kids positive and doing their best when standardized test season comes around.
  • The Link Between Nutrition and Brain Development of School-aged Children
    Nutrition has a direct influence on how children function. Kids whose families are not able to afford nutritious food items are more likely to experience nutrition deficits, which can hinder their ability to succeed in school. Learn how you can ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrition.
  • How to Help Kids Help Themselves in School
    One of the hardest things about parenting is knowing when to let go. When kids are struggling in school, it is hard to let kids make it on their own. How do you know when you have helped enough? How can you be sure you have given kids all of the tools they need to succeed?
  • Dealing with Bullying Before It Becomes Overwhelming
    Bullying is an increasing problem. There are many different types of bullying as well. So how do you protect your child from bullying? Learn prevention tips as well as ways to stop it as soon as you discover it has occurred.
  • 5 Steps to Organizing the School Year
    Kids often feel overwhelmed trying to organize school materials, homework and assignments along with extracurricular activities, deadlines and their belongings. How can parents help kids get organized for the school year? Learn some tips that, when implemented early and adhered to, can be effective.
  • Technology and Education: How to Get the Most out of Your Child’s Education
    Schools have begun viewing mobile devices as tools to increase learning rather than hinder it. Educators allow students to bring their own devices to carry work back and forth from home and school more easily. Parents can help kids get the most out of tech-driven education.
  • Starting the School Year off Right: Things for Parents to Remember
    Of course you want your child to start the school year off well. The beginning of the school year often indicates how the rest of the year will go. How can parents help ensure a positive experience? What can parents do to make sure their child starts on the right foot?
  • Improving Relationships with Teachers and School Staff
    Developing a relationship should be the primary goal of meetings and interactions with teachers and school staff. People are more receptive to those they have a relationship with, and teachers who know and understand your needs as a parent are more likely to be motivated to help you.
  • How to Make this Year the Best School Year Ever
    As a parent, you are optimistic that this will be the best school year ever for their child. How can you ensure it? One of the best things you can do to increase your child’s level of success is to set solid goals for the school year.
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