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  • Hands-On Activities for Teaching Supply and Demand
    How do you make the students easily absorb the economic concepts of supply and demand? Here are some practical instructional strategies you can use without having to go into a boring lecture mode.
  • Multicultural Lesson Plan for Middle School: All About South America
    Teach your students a lesson on South America using activities and strategies that will optimize learning. Let them discover more about the continent's culture, geography, and language as they go through a series of tasks that they will surely enjoy and learn from.
  • Lesson Plan Ideas on Environment Modification.
    This article focuses on social studies lesson plans on environment modifications based on the United Nation's descriptions. It provides various types of group activities to help your students appreciate the concept and understand the connection between the environment and real-world living.
  • The Start of the Renaissnace
    Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Lorenzo de' Medici and Sandro Botticelli all lived during the Renaissance. Several masterpieces (Mona Lisa, Pieta, David) were created during this time period as well. But when did the Renaissance start? Find the answer by reading this article.
  • Ceremonies of the Hopi People
    Are you interested in the meaning of Kiva, Paho and other? Never heard of the Four Corners religious ceremonies? If you want to gain insight into the ceremonies of the Hopi people, all these terms (and much more) are covered in this article.
  • Middle School Studies on Cherokee Indians: The Places They Have Lived
    Remember the music video for the great hit single "Cherokee," written by the popular Swedish rock band, Europe? Catchy as the song is, you should know that the video is full of historical inaccuracies. Find out where and how the Cherokee Indians lived.
  • A Lesson on Diversity with The Polar Express
    Make the Christmas season special by doing a read aloud using the beloved Caldecott, Christmas classic, The Polar Express. In this cultural diversity lesson plan, students will decide for themselves whether or not they believe in Santa Claus.
  • Covering Current Events in Middle School Social Studies
    Getting students to understand that the events of today become the history that is studied tomorrow can be a challenging task. The inclusion of current events for social studies classes can help bridge the gap between book learning and personal experience.
  • Slavery in Ancient Greece
    When many students think of slaves they often think of slavery in the U.S. prior to the Civil War. However, many ancient countries had slaves. Although mistreatment was always possible some were treated quite well. Learn more about the practice of slavery in Greece.
  • Women of Ancient Greece and Sparta
    Discover how a women living in ancient Greece or Sparta lived. Women had crucial roles in society, though they were not allowed the same privileges as men.
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