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  • A Lesson in Conflict Using the Film Simon Birch
    What are stories without conflict? Well, pointless. But while conflict adds interest to writing, lesson plans on conflict are often pretty dull. Help your middle or high school students understand this important element in a memorable way, using the film Simon Birch and the following lesson plan.
  • Seventh Graders Will Love Making These Board Games
    In the 7th grade social studies class, making board games is a creative way to help students to review important concepts while working in small groups.
  • Sixth Grade Class Project: Types of Government
    With these U.S. history lesson plans for sixth grade that introduce the different types of government, you can meet the curricular requirements for social studies whether your state’s focus is world cultures or the history of the United States.
  • Field Day Activities for Studying Lewis and Clark
    Supplement a class lecture about the Lewis and Clark expedition with field day activities to provide students with hands-on experiences, making the lesson more meaningful, memorable, and fun.
  • Lesson on Foods That Originated with the Native Americans
    Many foods that fill our grocery store shelves, get served everyday in restaurants, and feed people around the world have their origins in Native American Culture. Teach your students about the foods Native Americans ate.
  • Go for the Gold: Teaching Ideas on the Summer Olympics
    The Summer Olympics is more than a bunch of athletes getting together and throwing a ball around. It's about commitment, dedication, civil rights, political protests, and controversy. These Summer Olympic teaching ideas incorporate the best and worst of human behavior.
  • A Social Studies Unit: Create Your Own Island, Government & Society
    Create a world is a wonderful, long-term language arts activity that gives students the opportunity to work in a collaborative fashion, use a variety of skills, and explore various subjects of their own or the teacher's choice. In this project, students create, define, and describe their world.
  • Debunking Native American Stereotypes: A Lesson for Middle School or Above
    Schools across the country usually devote part of a semester on the study American Indians. Often this culminates at Thanksgiving. It is very unfortunate that Native Americans are boxed into old stereotyped images which are, to say the least, outdated and often very wrong.
  • Ancient Canaan, The Exodus And Babylon: A Lesson Plan for Middle School
    This article provides a social studies lesson plan on the geography of Ancient Palestine and modern day Israel. The lesson provides students with background on Abraham, the Exodus from Egypt, the divided Kingdoms and the eventual Jewish Diaspora following the captivity in Babylon.
  • Lesson Plans on Branches of Government
    Understanding your rights means understanding the branches of government. These branches of government lesson plans will help you teach this fundamental knowledge to future voters.
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