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  • Measuring Growth in the Human Skeleton
    Create interest in science for your students by using skeletal system lesson plans that ask the students to take a look at their own systems. This lesson plan is part of a fun project that introduces various systems in such a way as to leave the student wanting more!
  • Teach Middle School Chemistry With These Interactive Project Ideas: Rockets, Fire, and Makeup
    Find a theme that excites students and create lessons around that theme to encourage participation. These engaging interactive activities for teaching chemistry focus on rockets, fire and makeup. Experiments can be taught individually or as part of a larger theme.
  • What is Life Science?
    These Life Science activities and experiments challenge students to hone their observation skills and come to an understanding of the definition of life science.
  • Family and Consumer Science Lesson Plan on Weddings
    Family/consumer science and wedding lesson plans allow teachers the opportunity to have students critically observe what is necessary for a wedding. The students' ability to compare and contrast various ways of providing what is needed for the big day is a lesson in both consumerism and creativity.
  • Lesson Plan on Designing and Presenting a Health Brochure
    This lesson gives students the opportunity to research and learn about health issues while developing develop research, writing and computer skills. Have students work to complete a health brochure project that reflects what's available in their community.
  • Harness the Sun's Power With a Science Project Building a Solar Cooker
    Alternate forms of energy is a hot topic. A simple and fun activity when at home or in the classroom is building a solar cooker science project! The directions below are easy enough for a student to follow on their own, or for a class to build together -- cook S'mores for an added bonus!
  • Middle School Science: Genetics and the Law of Segregation
    This back-to-school science lesson plan turns genetics terminology into a language that can easily be understood by your middle school students as they begin their exploration of genetics.
  • Identifying Unknown Substances Physical Science Lab
    In this middle school science activity, students will collect and analyze data in order to identify four unknown mystery substances by observing how they react with vinegar and iodine.
  • An Overview of the Parts of the Nervous System
    When teaching your students about neuroscience, you will need to explain the different parts of the nervous system. This lesson plan covers the different parts: central and peripheral, and the divisions of each. This lesson plan also includes exercises.
  • An Experiment to Show the Mass of Air
    Does air have mass? This simple earth science activity using balloons and a meter stick will help students understand the mass of air and that it exerts pressure.
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