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  • Studying Earth Sciences: Ideas for Webquests on Soil
    Thinking of a fun and engaging activity to teach the concept of soil to your class? Here is a soil webquest that allows students to browse through a number of relevant websites, as well as to interact with each other as they go about the tasks.
  • Smart Ways to Use the SMART Board in Science Lessons
    SMART Board technology can be used to make exciting science lessons. This article describes games, pictures and multimedia tools to use the interactive SMART Board in elementary science lessons. These activities and resources are fun and easy to use.
  • Forensic Science Activity Ideas: Fingerprinting, Chemical Analysis, and Blood Splatter
    This short program outlines a series of activities in fingerprinting, chemical analysis and blood spatter. The final activity is to solve a mystery using the skills acquired in the previous experiments. The program can be modified to fit a variety of age groups and skill levels.
  • Viewing Different Types of Protozoans Under a Microscope
    Introduce the students to the world of protozoans by performing this science experiment in class. This grade 6-8 experiment lesson plan gives students the opportunity to view protozoans under a microscope.
  • Planet Poster: Middle School Astronomy Project
    This Planet Poster can be assigned at the end of a unit on the solar system. Middle schoolers enjoy choosing their own planet and using their creativity to produce an interesting and informative astronomy poster displaying what they learned about their planet.
  • The Easy Way to Teach About Valence Electrons: Activities for Kinesthetic Learners
    It seems that there's no easy way to teach about valence electrons, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Once your students understand the basic concept of how electrons work, you can strengthen their knowledge with these valence electron activities.
  • Teaching How to Use a Triple-Beam Balance
    Need to teach your students how to find the mass of an object using a triple beam balance? This guide will give you a clear and concise teaching approach to present to the student, allowing you to not only teach them about the device's function, but how to use it as well.
  • A Science Lesson Plan on Digestion for Middle School Students
    Teaching middle school students about the systems of the human body can be exciting. This family and consumer science lesson plan on digestion allows you to get an idea of just how much your students have learned about digestion and how it works. These activities help review and reinforce material.
  • Writing Prompts for the Home Economics Class
    How is the use of writing prompts for home economics classes useful? Students learn best when they are able to reflect on what they have learned. Giving them writing prompts on the topics they have studied helps enhance their learning as well as develops their writing skills.
  • Activities for Studying the Solar and Lunar Eclipse
    Solar and lunar eclipses are wonderful things to experience and observe. However, when learning about solar and lunar eclipses, there is not always an eclipse happening to observe! This article suggests a few activities to help students learn about solar and lunar eclipses.
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