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  • Three Types of Adaptable Art Projects Through Collage
    These ideas for short art lessons are for creating simple and easy collages in unique ways. Students will enjoy creating a large extended picture out of a small magazine picture. Other collage ideas are given for students to try which can be simple or complex. Fun and creativity are easily mixed.
  • Painting Realistic Self-Portraits: A 7th Grade Lesson
    This portrait painting lesson teaches how to paint realistic self-portraits using the right proportions. Kids use the previous drawing faces lesson to help with the painting of the eyes, skin and hair details of their own face. Students will be amazed at how pencil drawings can be transformed!
  • Creating a Plaster Mask of a Human Face: 7th Grade Art Project
    This 7th grade art lesson teaches how to create a plaster human face mask. Students will use the previous painting faces lesson to help with the painting of the eyes, skin and hair details of a human face. Students will be amazed at their plaster mask making skills after completing this project.
  • Your Students Will Go Wild With These Art Lessons on Wildlife
    There are many ways in which the art teacher can easily incorporate wildlife into their lesson plans. One of the easiest ways is to use nature. The possibilities for using plants, flowers, and trees are endless! Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • A Pop Can Art Project for Elementary Students
    This easy art project will have students use pop cans as recycled materials to create a conservation themed sculpture. Students in grades 5 - 8 will enjoy creating shoes, purses, hats and sculptures out of their favorite pop can.
  • Multiple Intelligences and Art Education: The Use of Music in Art Class
    Enhance art education lesson plans with music. Allow students to listen to different types of music as they create in art class. Music incorporated into art lessons provides numerous opportunities for learning on multiple levels, including education in other cultures.
  • Art for Inner City Youth
    These art lesson plans focus on graffiti and murals with the intention of bridging the gap between art and inner city youth.
  • Making Hearts Using Art: A Middle School Valentine's Day Painting Lesson
    This easy watercolor Valentine's Day lesson will produce a background with heart-shaped imprints for Valentines Day messages to be painted on. Students can make a background for heart stamps or Valentine cards using simple watercolor painting techniques. Your elementary students will LOVE this!
  • Decoupage Art Project
    Decoupage is a fun arts and craft idea that is easy for students of all ages. From decoupage, the student can create a unique and beautiful item such as candle holder or picture frame that can later be put into a school auction.
  • Take Your Students to an Art Museum
    Good art museum lesson plans are the trick to getting students to engage with the art while visiting the museum. This article provides specific information on how to inspire students to think and feel while on the field trip and engage with the art they discover.
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