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  • Watercolor Winter Wonderland: Art Class Project
    This watercolor painting lesson will teach how to create a winter landscape using simple watercolor techniques. It is for grades 1 to 8 and can be adapted to the older grades by creating more difficult trees on the landscape. Students will find this watercolor painting lesson easy and fun to do.
  • Cackles, Creaks, Moans and Groans: Musical Stories for Halloween Fun
    Halloween is almost here! These entertaining Halloween books can be used in the elementary music classroom as well as the general classroom. My kids love reading these stories with me as they perform the actions and/or sound effects while learning concepts of sequencing, counting, and listening.
  • Worksheet and Quiz on Color Theory For Art Students
    Learn what's meaningful when studying colors. This light color theory worksheet and quiz on color theory will arm your students with valuable information to make appropriate painting decisions that will lead to better pictures.
  • Engaging Your Students Using Art: Teacher Creatures
    Looking for an engaging design lesson to use in your science, social, math, or art lesson? This creature creation will allow students to design a creature name tag from words they will be exposed to throughout your lesson or your classroom while learning to be creative, have fun and produce art.
  • Harmony and Perception Using Color Theory
    Learn how to get your students to think differently about painting. These color theory lessons will enable your students to process how harmony is achieved with color, solve color harmony problems, and feel comfortable about their ability to paint a piece they can be proud of.
  • Graphic Art: A Closer Look at Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein
    Art instructors will enjoy using these Roy Lichtenstein art lesson plans to help their students understand the life and work of this 20th Century pop artist. Suggestions are included for classroom projects based on Lichtenstein's groundbreaking graphic art style.
  • Recycled Shoes Make Great Sculptures
    Let your shoes do the talking with these easy and fun to create sculptures.
  • Three Candle Decorating Projects You Can do in the Art Room
    Decorating candles is a terrific craft you can do in the art room. Middle or high school students are generally very interested in making this useful craft. Follow these directions for three different easy project ideas.
  • Watercolor Painting Lessons to Create a Winter Window Scene
    This easy watercolor lesson will produce a frosted window of a winter scene using watercolor techniques for a sky, tree branches and window ledge. Grades 4 to 8 will enjoy this easy winter watercolor project.
  • Make Some Fun Paper Art
    Take paper crafts to a new level when you make your own handcrafted paper, make string paper beads, design paper masks and fold origami water bombs.
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