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  • What is the Underground Railroad?
    This history lesson plan serves as an introduction to the underground railroad. Take your students on a journey in their minds as they learn about slavery and the underground railroad.
  • Interesting Subjects for Classroom Activities on Latin America
    Latin America is a region with high cultural diversity and a history that presents interesting as well as painful episodes. Classroom activities can be elaborated to study some aspects of its culture and occupation by Europeans in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • A Harlem Renaissance WebQuest
    Explore the art, literature, and performances of the Harlem Renaissance through the eyes of a documentary-maker. Learn about the expansion of African-American arts and the lasting impact of the cultural movement through these WebQuest lesson plans for the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Lesson Plan, Battles & Timeline for the War of the Roses
    The War of the Roses was a struggle for the throne of England that officially began in 1455 and ended in 1485. This lesson plan helps bring the battles and timeline of this conflict to life in an interactive way that will help your students retain long ago dates and times.
  • Toss the Textbook & Use "The Killer Angels" to Teach the Civil War
    The Killer Angels is a riveting novel that imagines what it must have been like for the Confederate and Union officers during the Battle of Gettysburg. It is a great teaching tool in a high school history or social studies class
  • Middle School Lesson Plan for Thanksgiving: Research and Service Projects
    Students are happy to have a few days off from school, but do they really understand why we celebrate Thanksgiving or that much of the world celebrates the harvest as well? This Thanksgiving lesson plan will explain how to complete a small group research poster and share other great ideas.
  • The Siege of Vicksburg: A Lesson Plan for Middle School History
    The fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the culmination of a year-long Union campaign to wrest control of the Mississippi from the Confederacy and split it in two. This lesson plan is an overview of the importance of Vicksburg in the ultimate victory of the Union cause.
  • Create Relevant Civil War Lessons Plans
    Do you need some ideas to go beyond reading the textbook, completing worksheets and taking quizzes and tests? Try this lesson to engage your students by using historical fiction to working in small groups to complete a mock trial.
  • The Battle of Antietam: A Lesson Plan for Middle School History
    The Battle of Antietam is perhaps the most crucial of many battles in changing the course of the American Civil War. This lesson plan focuses on why students should appreciate what happened at Antietam and its connection to the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves.
  • WebQuest Assignments on Alexander the Great: Man and Legend
    Alexander the Great lived to be only 33, but in that short life he amassed an empire, opened the western world to the east, and vice versa, changing history forever.
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