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  • History of Early Man: Thawing Out Some Early Man Leftovers
    History is often a subject from which students feel distanced. Early man, prehistory and evolution are topics that can compound this sense of detachment merely because they deal with a time so far removed from our own. This article offers a lesson plan using recent data to help bridge the gap.
  • Teaching Creepy but Fascinating Mummy Facts in this Lesson Plan
    A lesson plan about mummies of Ancient Egypt, looking at the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification and why it started in the first place. It is perfect for any time of year, but makes a great Halloween lesson plan.
  • Written in Stone: Native Pictograph Student Project
    The Native American Indian pictorial language literally refers to communications made using pictures. Native American pictographs have been found throughout the Americas. Not to be confused with hieroglyphics that represent sound, pictographs represent the actual thing: a bird is a bird.
  • The Americas' Native Peoples: Five Learning Activities for Middle School
    From the barren ice flows of the Arctic to the southernmost tip of Argentina, Native Americans provide a wealth of history, culture and mythology through which students discover the roots of the Americas.
  • Trouble With Fur, Forts, and the French: A French & Indian War Unit
    The French and Indian War, fought in the French and British colonies of North America, was actually part of the Seven Years War which was waged in Europe. It played out in the territories of France and England over the profitable fur trade and the westward migration of settlers into Ohio Country.
  • Pioneer Marble Making History Lesson Plan
    This history lesson plan is as fun as it is educational. American history students will enjoy exploring the pioneer world using a hands-on method of teaching.
  • Lesson Plan: What Kind of Homes Did the Pioneers Live In?
    American history students may be surprised to learn how the pioneers lived. This history lesson plan reviews the homes of the pioneers and there is an attached worksheet you can use too.
  • A Lesson on Underground Railroad Quilts
    The Underground Railroad still has many secrets to offer. This history worksheet will assist students in uncovering and understanding some of the methods that were used during the times of the underground railroad.
  • Rationing During WWII: Webquest for Middle School Social Studies Students
    The men were fighting a war in Europe and Africa, but the women and children back home felt some impact, as well. Find out what effect the war had on the home front with this World War II webquest about rationing.
  • Tracking the Trail of Tears
    Learn about a sad era of American history with this Trail of Tears webquest. Encourage your students to work together to design a striking memorial to those who walked the Trail.
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