English Lesson Plans for Middle School, Grades 6-8

These lesson plans focus on teaching English in sixth, seventh or eighth grade and include ideas for spelling and vocabulary, critical thinking, paragraph and essay writing, as well as units for teaching popular and often-taught books such as The Outsiders, Diary of Anne Frank and The Hunger Games. You'll find strategies for planning and writing a language arts curriculum map, recommended reading lists, fresh ideas for teaching literary terms, and more. All have been carefully written and vetted by teachers and educators, and based on tried and true teaching experience in the classroom.

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  • Quote Analysis: Lyrical Lessons from Into the Woods
    Quote analysis is certainly not a new idea, but finding a fresh, exciting way to introduce it to your middle school class can be a challenge. Consider using a popular movie to encourage your students to participate.
  • Fairy Tales and Into the Woods: A Culminating Writing Experience
    This innovative approach to fairy tales is an ideal culminating writing experience for your students. Use the movie Into the Woods as a guide and show episodes of Once Upon a Time to inspire your students to become excellent creative writers, skilled at creating their own unique fairy tale by blendi
  • Music and Into the Woods: A STEAM Writing Experience
    Perhaps you have seen the article and lessons on the culminating writing experience using Into the Woods. If you liked the idea but do not have enough class time to dedicate to the task, try this quick writing experience instead. Use the download provided for a STEAM-centered lesson they'll enjoy.
  • Mixed Up Fairy Tales: An Introduction to Into the Woods
    Fairy tales can be an excellent starting point to encourage students to read weightier materials. One way to spur interest is with the popular movie, Into the Woods. Discover how you can use this film with the free download provided.
  • Another Farley Drexel? Double Fudge Book Overview
    Students who have read the entire "Fudge" book series by Judy Blume have watched Farley Drexel --aka Fudge-- grow from a tiny tot to a school-aged boy. Read along and enjoy lively discussions with this helpful teaching guide.
  • Fudge on Vacation: Fudge-a-Mania Lesson Plan
    Third in the ever-popular Judy Blume series, Fudge-a-Mania follows Peter Hatcher and his family as they spend their vacation alongside the dreaded Sheila Tubman and her family. Students who have read the first two "Fudge" books will love this sequel, and this guide will help you make the most of it.
  • Superfudge Lesson Plan
    Peter and Fudge return in the third book of Judy Blume's well-loved series. Fudge is no longer the youngest child in the Hatcher family when a new baby sister, quickly nicknamed "Tootsie," is born. Download the free teaching guide to read along and discuss the book, ending with a fun activity.
  • Meet Sheila Tubman: Otherwise Known as Sheila The Great
    Unlike the other books in the "Fudge" series, the second installment is written from Sheila Tubman's point of view, giving readers a glimpse into the real life of this seemingly overconfident classmate of Peter Hatcher. Use the guide to read along with your class.
  • Meet Peter Hatcher: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Lesson Plan
    Peter Warren Hatcher has one major problem in his 9-year-old life. That problem is his brother, Fudge. This lesson plan and download are the first in a five-part series.
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