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  • Falling Into Autumn: Learning About the Science of Leaves
    Every season holds its own magic. The months of September and October and even November present a perfect time to expose young students to the science behind autumn leaves. This lesson plan is highly interactive, and also encourages creativity and independent learning.
  • Spice Up Social Studies: Invigorating Ideas for Third and Fourth Grade Students
    Social Studies lessons can mean a time for “Ooohs and ahhhs" or a time for yawns depending on how lessons are presented. Making the subject relevant will help to grab students’ attention. Of course, making the subject more fun will also keep the yawns away! Here are some tips to help you.
  • A More Mature Ramona: Ramona Forever & Ramona’s World
    In the final two books of Beverly Cleary's series, readers follow along as Beezus and Ramona grow up, strengthen their bond and experience change. The teaching tools provided here will help you guide students through the novels and apply the themes to their own lives.
  • Ramona’s Growing Up: Ramona & Her Mother and Ramona Quimby, Age 8
    Read the fifth and sixth books in Beverly Cleary's renowned series with your class and walk them through the stirring topics, with which many of your students may relate. Use the free PowerPoint downloads as guides for discussion and follow up activities, as well.
  • Growing With Ramona: Ramona the Brave and Ramona and Her Father
    Continuing with the third and fourth books in the beloved Beverly Cleary series, students will follow along with Ramona as she experiences first and second grades. Guide your students through the reading about series topics and follow up with applicable activities in the downloads provided.
  • Beezus and Ramona & Ramona the Pest
    Growing up is tough, and sometimes doing so with a pesky younger sibling is even more of a challenge. This lesson plan for the first two books in the series by author Beverly Cleary will help you guide your class through the trials and triumphs of childhood with Beezus and Ramona.
  • Back To School Lesson Plan: A Summer to Remember
    Summer is by far most kids favorite time of year. No school, no homework, fewer rules, vacations....a time that memories are made. This lesson plans will give students closure on their summers and give the teacher a unique insight into her students early on in the school year.
  • Assessment on the Pythagorean Theorem
    This assessment is to be used with the three lesson plans on the series to assess your student's knowledge of order of operations and the Pythagorean theorem.
  • Generating Two Numerical Patterns: 5th Grade Lesson
    This 5th grade lesson teaches students how to generate a pattern following a rule and graph ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.
  • Writing Simple Expressions with Numbers and Parentheses
    In this 2nd lesson plan in a series, your 5th grade class will write simple numerical expressions with numbers and parentheses.
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