Resources for Teaching on the Human Body Muscular System for Fifth Grade Students

Resources for Teaching on the Human Body Muscular System for Fifth Grade Students
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Learning about the muscular system may seem a bit challenging to students, but with the right teaching materials and approach, this topic can be interesting and simple to understand for your fifth grade students. Here are some ideas on how to teach this topic:

1. Watch and Learn


Present an animation about the muscular system, like this one from Kids Health. While watching the video, ask the students to take down pertinent notes. Afterwards, check how much they have learned by letting them complete worksheets that include comprehension questions about the video.

2. Research and List Down

Provide opportunities for the students to develop their research skills. Assign them to research on the topic, muscular system, by consulting reliable websites to gather more pieces of information. Then, hand out worksheets where they can make an outline of the article that they have read.

3. Label the Parts

This can be quite challenging for the students, since they need to memorize the names of the muscles aside from their location. But it is good practice for them to master the concepts of the topic. Distribute worksheets with a diagram of the muscular system, and let them label its parts.

4. Solve a Crossword Puzzle

After teaching the terminologies and concepts, the students may solve a crossword puzzle that includes all the important details covered. This is a good opportunity for them to retain information, as well as to familiarize themselves with the correct spelling of the words.

Credible Sources of Worksheets in the Web

There are several websites that provide good-quality worksheets with varied activities. Some require a membership fee, though. Here is a list of resources for worksheets on teaching the muscular system to fifth grade students:


In this site, there are several printable worksheets on the muscular system. The exercises include word searches, crossword puzzles, multiple-choice quizzes, word shapes, and an article with comprehension questions. However, this website requires a membership fee to be able to download the worksheets.


There are handouts and multiple choice quizzes that you may download and print from this website. They also allow free subscriptions to receive a weekly newsletter that includes lesson plans, worksheets, and printables. However, some of their printable worksheets are subject to membership fees.


This site allows you to design your own crossword puzzle by choosing the items and format that you wish to use in the puzzle. The puzzle-maker will generate the puzzle after feeding it with the information that was chosen to be included in it. There are simple instructions that will guide you as you design your puzzle. This site does not require membership fees.

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