Dr. Seuss Lesson with ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book

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This book will be used to help students distinguish between letters of the alphabet and work on beginning letter sounds. Students will also take part in a classroom scavenger hunt and an art homework project.

The Lesson Plan:

1. Start of this lesson by having the students recite the alphabet. Ask students:

  • What are vowels?
  • What are consonants?
  • What letter does your name begin with?
  • Can you name another word which begins with the same letter as you name?
  • Can anyone recite the alphabet backwards? (This one is for fun)

2. Read Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book. When you come to each letter of the alphabet have the students yell out the letter. This will help them become more involved with the lesson as well as allow you as the teacher to evaluate how the children distinguish the letters from one another. As you come to each letter in the book ask the children if they can name another word which starts with that same letter.

3. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: Give children a sheet of paper with the letters A to Z. The children will now go around the classroom looking for items which begin with each letter. As they find the item they can check the letter off. Allot a specific amount of time for this game, maybe 15 minutes as this can get out of hand and noisy with younger students. At the end of 15 minutes have the students come back to their seats and share what they have found.

4. Integrating Math: Write the names on the blackboard and write down how many items each person found.

  • Who found the most items?
  • Who found the least items?
  • Any students find the same amount of items as each other?

5. Art Homework Project: Assign one letter to each student. They must make a collage of only items which start with that letter. They can find pictures in magazines, newspapers, online, etc. and make a collage using these pictures.

After this lesson students will be able to recognize the alphabet, be more aware of initial sounds, will have worked on math , and an art project.