Rainforest Lesson Plan: Teaching Conservation

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Before Reading

Before you begin reading, create a KWL chart on the board by making a three column table. The columns should be labeled “What I Know,” “What I Want to Know,” and “What I Learned.” Ask students to discuss what they already know about rainforests, and put that information in the first column. Have them discuss questions they have about the rainforest, and list the questions in the second column. Tell students that you will fill out the third column after you read a book about rainforests. Encourage them to look for the answers to their questions in the second column as you read.

Rainforest Book

Read a book about the importance of the rainforest, such as “A Walk in the Rainforest,” by Kristin Joy Pratt. Ask comprehension questions as you read to make sure that students understand the text. When you have finished, ask students to fill out the third column of the KWL chart with new information that they have learned from reading the book.


As a class, discuss why it might be important to save the rainforest and write their responses on the board. Encourage students to reference information from the book, as well as from their KWL charts. Then ask students what they can do to help save the rainforest. Brainstorm a list of ideas.

Extension Activity

Have students break into groups and develop a poster to convince other people to save the rainforest. Remind them to think about why someone would pay attention to their posters, as well as what steps they want those people to take. Recommend that they reference facts and statistics from the book, and allow them to do further research for additional information. Provide students with time and materials to complete their posters. Encourage students to share their posters with the class.