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  • Teach Your Students To Say 'I Love You' in Spanish
    Saying 'I Love You' in Spanish is tricky. Teach your language students the many nuances of saying 'I love you' with different connotations and levels of emotion, an art they never had to learn in the English language.
  • Learn Spanish Words on Colors
    Here you will learn the words for a number of different colors. You will also learn how to form a phrase to describe something in terms of its color. The vocabulary terms are also available for download from the Media Gallery.
  • Sing! Form Good Speaking Habits as a Foreign Language Learner
    If you want to reduce your foreign accent in a second language you are learning or may already speak, this article contains great tips!
  • Ir de Compras: How to Survive a Spanish-Language Shopping Trip
    If you're traveling in a Spanish-language country, shopping excursions are a good way to meet the locals, get a literal taste of their culture, and practice your language skills.
  • Looking at Words that Describe: Spanish Adjectives
    This lesson covers basic information about Spanish adjectives, what kinds of adjectives there are, and refers learners to a more detailed article about the use of adjectives.
  • Expressing "Wonder" in Spanish
    There are a number of ways in which English speakers use the word "wonder" -- and each has a different solution in Spanish. This lesson shows how to rethink the problem, so that when the word "wonder" comes to mind, you will be better prepared to render it's proper meaning into Spanish.
  • Using "Actual" and "Actually" in Spanish
    Most problems surrounding these words for English speakers who are learning Spanish is realizing how they are using them. This article shows the two basic meanings of actual and actually in English and offers a number of examples of how Spanish handles them.
  • How To Pronounce Spanish: Andean
    The Spanish spoken in what is known as the Andean region covers a wide range and not all parts of all countries necessarily speak "español andino." Find out more here!
  • Using "Anyway..." in Spanish
    This is a word that seems to be on English-speakers' lips a lot. It is a transitional phrase or a verbal crutch -- often useful, even if abused in English. There are various solutions in Spanish.
  • Key Differences Between Immersion Programs and Studying Abroad
    Do successful foreign-language programs put too much faith in geographical displacement and not enough in the need to instill a psychological disposition to learn another language? Food for thought: the cost of tuition and travel is going up. Parents, Teachers, Students, Administrators, take note!
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