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  • Four Curious Sayings in Spanish
    This article demonstrates how the same meaning or message is often communicated by very different sayings. Four idiomatic expressions are compared to their English counterparts. Enjoy!
  • Do You Mean "Fair" Weather, a "Fair" Game or a "Fair" Complexion? Learn How to Say Them in Spanish!
    Even a moment of reflection will reveal that this word is used in many ways in English. Obviously, each of these uses will require a different solution in Spanish. Learn about how to deal with this English word in Spanish.
  • The Plural of Nouns in Spanish
    This article covers all that learners need to know, with examples, for making Spanish nouns plural. It begins with a fast review, defining nouns. It is a good first lesson before dealing with agreement rules, since this lesson does not address gender.
  • Instant Immersion Spanish 2.0 - Espanol for Newbies
    Instant Immersion Spanish Express 2.0's activities and material are meant for true novices. Perhaps even people who have never thought of studying a language and now need, or want, to try. This outdated Topics Entertainment program is technologically unsophisticated but effective.
  • Spanish Names in Mainstream America
    If you don't have a name of Spanish or Latin American origin, you probably know somebody that does. This Bright Hub Education writer looks at some of the most common Spanish-language names that have found their way into common use in the United States.
  • The Spanish Preposition - de
    In Spanish, there are a number of different prepositions that we use, and -de- is one of the most common. There are many different applications to be learned for this preposition.
  • Tell Me More Spanish - A Dream Program for the Spanish Learner
    Tell Me More Spanish is a superb example of what technology and content experts can do collaboratively. This language-learning software almost makes me jealous of the people who don't speak Spanish because they get to use the program to learn it.
  • Using the Spanish Preposition "En"
    Prepositions are a class of words that describe multiple kinds of relationships between words and phrases. The preposition "en" a variety of uses in the Spanish language. It is important for Spanish students to learn how to employ this preposition correctly in order to communicate effectively.
  • Learning Spanish: Prepositional Pronouns
    Spanish prepositional pronouns are a special category of object pronouns. They follow prepositions, but unlike English they don’t mimic their regular objective forms. They also help to clear up confusion caused by using the indirect objects “le" and "les."
  • Learning Basic Spanish: Read, Read, Read
    In this learning Spanish lesson, we will look at some Spanish phrases on the topic of books. Spanish literature is vast and rich, and reading in anything you can will improve your language skills and cultural knowledge much more quickly.
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