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  • Learn Japanese With Mobile Language Learning Apps
    If you need to learn Japanese and have fun while you do it, this article will help you get where you need to be with mobile language learning solutions. These solutions don't cost a lot money and they are entertaining enough to hold your attention and help cut your learning time down dramatically.
  • The Japanese Particles: A Review
    Feeling confident about your knowledge of Japanese particles? Time to review your knowledge and see how well you understand this aspect of Japanese grammar. The second page provides the opportunity to review your knowledge of basic Japanese Kanji.
  • Learning and Remembering Hiragana
    Remembering hiragana can be done by forced repetition but there are alternatives. This article provides some mnemonic techniques which will make learning similar hiragana much easier. We start with vowels.
  • Asking the Time in Japanese
    Asking for the time is something essential is pretty much any language, including Japanese. This article explains how do this both in a simple and easy way.
  • Japanese Past Tense Verb Conjugation
    Although Japanese can seem like an intimidating language, its grammar can be somewhat simple when following its basic patterns and rules. Conjugating verbs in the past tense, for example, follows two basic patterns. Learn about conjugating verbs in the past tense in Japanese. Download with examples.
  • Japanese Days of the Week & Months of the Year
    Learn how to read a calender in Japanese. We go over the seven days of the week, including pronunciation, literal meaning, and Kanji, and the twelve months of the year.
  • Japanese Studies: Something Easy or Hard to Do
    Some things are easy to understand, others are hard to understand. Some people are hard to talk to, others easy to talk to. Learn how to say sentences like this in Japanese, using yasui and nikui with any verb.
  • A Way to Say "To Be" in Japanese
    In Japanese, there are three different verbs that all mean "to be." Learn the conjugations of desu in present, past, and negative present and past tenses, and see several examples of its use. Also covers basic sentence structure.
  • How to Say "Want to" in Japanese - The -tai Structure
    Being able to describe what you want and don't want to do, or asking the same thing of others, is a very helpful tool in basic conversation. Covers how to change any verb into the "want to" or "do not want to" form using the -tai structure.
  • Irregular Verbs in Japanese
    Learning verbs is an important part of any language, and while many verbs fit into patterns, there are usually irregular verbs as well. Japanese only has two of them, kuru and suru. Learn how to conjugate both of them in this article.
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