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  • A Guide on Katakana Letters
    Ever wondered how to write katakana characters? Read this guide to find out.
  • Play Final Fantasy IV to learn Japanese
    In the previous three lessons, we`ve begun to familiarize ourselves with the three different kinds of systems used in written Japanese. By now, you should easily be able to identify and differentiate each one. The time has now come to turn our attention to some key words in gaming mechanics.
  • Learn Japanese by Playing a JRPG!
    This article is an introduction to new learners of Japanese and designed for people who enjoy playing Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG).
  • Japanese Long-Form Verb Conjugation: Past Tense
    When studying Japanese grammar, you need to understand how to form verbs in the past tense. Learn how to conjugate Japanese verbs in the long-form past tense, including irregular verbs.
  • Starting Conversations in Japanese
    When learning Japanese, you will want to know how to talk with people. Learn the different phrases in Japanese for starting a conversation, such as "good morning" and "hello." Also learn why two different phrases are used for "thank you for the meal," depending on when they are said during the meal.
  • Japanese for Beginners: Learn Eight Kanjis in Fifteen Minutes
    This article provides some new Japanese characters with explanations and sketches to make sure they are easily learned and remembered.
  • Japanese Particles: Ka, Ne, Yo, and Wa
    Have you ever wondered how one simple syllable can change the meaning or subtleties of a sentence? Japanese particle words can do just that. Simply adding 'ka' to the end of a bland statement can turn it into a question that will start a fascinating conversation.
  • Japanese Counting Words
    Japanese has regular numbers, just like English, that are used for a variety of things. However, when you are counting in Japanese or describing how many items you have, there are special counting words that you use. Learn some of the more common counters in this article.
  • How to Use Japanese Counters: Special Endings for Different Types of Things
    Completely mastering counters in Japanese can take months of practice, if not longer. Get used to considering the size and shape of objects when counting them. If you can get into the mindset of the Japanese counter, you will be able to use them more accurately in less time.
  • A Fun and Intuitive Way to Learn the Japanese Kanji
    Ever felt confused or discouraged over the apparent complexity of the Japanese Kanji? This article will help you better understand the structure of the Kanji in a fun and interesting way.
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