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  • Asking for Distances in Japanese
    Ever wondered how to ask, “How long does it take to get to ‘X’ or ‘Y’” in Japanese? This article explains in simple and clear terms how to proceed in doing so.
  • Japanese for Beginners: Understanding Written Sentences
    Ever felt puzzled by written Japanese sentences? There's a logic present in Japanese sentences and being able to identify the key elements will make reading Japanese a whole lot easier. This article will explain how to do just that.
  • Numbers and Time in Japanese
    When studying Japanese, you will need to learn about counting in Japanese. Learn the Japanese numbers and the Japanese kanji numbers. Also learn how to tell time in Japanese.
  • Different Applications of the Japanese Te-Form
    The て-form (te-form) in Japanese is used in three different occasions: when making requests, asking and receiving permission, and describing two activities in a sentence. We can differentiate between these three usages by the additional ending added.
  • Different Japanese Sentence Structures and How to Form Them
    Creating a sentence in Japanese is relatively simple. Like Latin, the verb comes at the end of the sentence. We also show how to make a negative, and how to connect two verbs in the same sentence. Learn about the different Japanese sentence structures used in Japanese grammar.
  • Learn Japanese Long-Form Verb Conjugation in the Present Tense
    When studying Japanese grammar, you will need to know how to conjugate Japanese verbs. Learn about conjugating Japanese verbs in the long-form present tense, including irregular verbs.
  • The Different Meanings of a Kanji: A Step Further into Understanding the Japanese Writing System
    Being able to recognize a Kanji is just the beginning of learning Japanese Kanji. This article explains in-depth the different ways to read a Kanji and is therefore essential to anyone interested in learning the Japanese writing system.
  • How to Learn Japanese Through Mixi
    Japanese is one of the most notoriously difficult languages for English speakers to learn and is the native language to one of the most technologically sophisticated cultures in the world. Why not learn Japanese the same way they use it on a daily basis—on the online social website Mixi? Here's how.
  • Learn Japanese by Playing a Nintendo DS Game
    Play Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS to understand the general structure of the Japanese language.
  • Japanese Adjectives and How to Conjugate Them: -i and -na
    Do you know the different Japanese adjectives? Learn the two different types of adjectives in Japanese, -i adjectives and -na adjectives, and how to use each of them.
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