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  • Italian Steps: an Online Language Learning Program
    Italian Steps, BBC's online language-learning program, gives learners an excellent introduction to the Italian language and culture. Learners will navigate through twenty-four stages of lessons, activities, grammar lessons and cultural notes for a great start in speaking and understanding Italian.
  • Rosetta Stone Italian – Language Learning that (Really) Works
    Rosetta Stone Italian Level 1 could be what you're looking for if you always wanted to learn Italian but just never got around to it. Maybe you could not afford to take classes, or going to Italy was not an option. Maybe it was grammar that made your head spin. This product breaks down the barriers.
  • Tell Me More Italian Premium - Second Only to Living in Italy
    Auralog's Tell Me More Italian teaches you to see the word, to say the word, to spell the word, and to put the word in sentence form--so many methods of reinforcement to help you to learn Italian--easily. Learning the language with Tell Me More Italian is second only to living in Italy.
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