How to Discuss Seasons & the Weather in Italian!

What’s the Weather Like in Italy?

Italy is certainly a land of distinct seasons. Throughout the country, winter can be very bitter with snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures. During this cold time of year, it's common for Italians to take a brief winter vacation. But then spring comes, beautiful and blooming all across the country. Spring is gorgeous in Italy, as everything seems to come back to life. The summer can be extremely hot throughout Italy, so again, this is a common time for Italians to vacation, particularly during August, when people try to escape from the heat to somewhere breezy or to a beach. Autumn, the harvest season, is also a beautiful season in Italy.

When is the ideal time to visit Italy, if you are considering the weather? You could visit during the lovely spring and fall seasons, but because the weather is best during these times, they are also the seasons that attract a lot of visitors to the country. Late October and November, the rainy time of the year, can be a good time to visit Italy if you prefer to avoid the tourist crowds.

Weather and Seasons: Important Italian Words and Phrases

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To begin discussing the weather in Italy, you should learn some basic vocabulary terms and phrases. It's helpful to know the seasons and months, and then some phrases to describe the weather:

Seasons in Italian

Spring – la primavera

Summer – l'estate

Autumn – l'autunno

Winter – l'inverno

If you wish to specify the weather or what happens in a particular season, insert "in" before the season, i.e., "in primavera." You can also say, "d'estate" and "d'inverno."

Months in Italian

January – Gennaio

February – Febbraio

March – Marzo

April – Aprile

May – Maggio

June – Giugno

July – Luglio

August – Agosto

September Settembre

October – Ottobre

November – Novembre

December – Dicembre

Weather Phrases in Italian

What's the weather like today? – Che tempo fa oggi?

It's nice – Fa bello / Fa bel tempo

It's bad – Fa brutto tempo

It's sunny – C'è sole / Fa sole

It's cold – Fa freddo

It's hot – Fa caldo

It's cool – Fa fresco

It's snowy – Nevica

It's windy – C'è il vento

It's raining – Piove

It's foggy – C'è la nebbia

It's frosty – È gelido

It's freezing Fa un freddo gelido

It's hailing – Grandina

It's cloudy – È nuvoloso

It's stormy – È burrascoso

It's lightning – Il lampo

It's humid – È umido

It's muggy – È afoso

It's thundering – Tuona

Storm – Il temporale

Changable – Variabile

Learn these Italian words and phrases and enjoy being able to understand a weather report or a discussion about the seasons and weather in Italian…and perhaps even participating in the conversation yourself!