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How Well Do You Know Italian? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

written by: Daniel Brecht • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 2/4/2013

Are you ready to see if you know Italian? By taking our quiz, you will be making the first step to learning the language. It is designed to prepare you whether you meet a romantic Italian or go to Italy and communicate with the locals.

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    Quiz Intro

    Italy Flag (by Salvatore Vuono) Let's say you are going to Italy and need some survival phrases. What are you going to do? Don't know? Well, you're in luck! There is no better place and time then to sit back and take this short quiz. It will help you if you are new to Italian or needing to brush up on common expressions, words and basic grammar.

    From this quiz, you can see what you already know or not know when it comes to Italian. The results of the quiz will help you evaluate your current Italian skill level: BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, or ADVANCED.

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    Do You Know Italian? Take Our Quiz to Find Out


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