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  • Greetings and Good Wishes for Social Occasions in French
    How would you tell a French friend “Happy Bastille Day"? The French do not really say that, the way we say "Happy 4th of July." It would be nice to know how to express and exchange greetings in French. Here are some common ones.
  • More Faux Amis: Strategies to Avoiding Confusion Between Seemingly Similar French and English Words
    French nouns and other parts of speech that sound like their English counterparts, but have different meanings, can cause confusion. Students of French should study these tricky words with extra care.
  • The Past Tense Subjunctive in French
    The past tense of the subjunctive may sound like an especially mysterious and difficult piece of French grammar wizardry, but in reality it's actually quite easy to construct. This article outlines how to conjugate verbs in the past tense subjunctive and where to use them.
  • French Possessive Pronouns & Possessive Adjectives: Pronoms Possessifs et Adjectifs Possessifs
    Learn the pronoms possessifs and adjectifs possessifs and practice using them and recognizing them in French. These can be challenging for English speakers because French possessive pronouns and adjectives need to agree in number and gender with the thing(s) being possessed.
  • Best French Software for Kids
    Find out what the best French learning software titles are for your kids. If you've been looking for French software so your children can learn a foreign language, you won't want to miss this article by that evaluates fives French language learning programs.
  • Learn How To Begin and End Your French Letters With These Helpful Examples
    The beginning and ending of French letters should be carefully studied in order to be correct according to French etiquette. The French forms are different and flowery, but then we all know that French is a beautiful language.
  • Learn French: How to Talk about Professions, Jobs, and Work
    Would you like to learn how to discuss professions, jobs, and work in French? This article will introduce you to many French words and phrases about jobs and work. Also, you can download and print a vocabulary list of French job and work vocabulary listed in this article.
  • Learning Beginning French Free Online With LiveMocha's French 101 Software
    LiveMocha's French 101 free online software is an excellent way to begin learning to read, write, speak, and understand the French language. The software takes you step by step through important vocabulary words and phrases that you can use to hold basic everyday conversations in French!
  • Imperative Verbs in French
    Giving commands in any language is very helpful. Learn how to form the imperative in French for commands to other people and commands to a group. This article covers -er, -ir, and -re verbs as well as irregular French verbs. The forms for tu, vous, and nous commands are given.
  • French Passé Composé Auxilliary Verbs
    There are two parts to the passé composé (past tense) in French: the auxiliary verb and the past participle. The first part you need to learn is the auxiliary verb, which can be either avoir or être depending on the circumstance. Learn when you use each of them with this article.
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