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  • French Language Tips: Starting a Garden
    Improve your French by learning gardening terms and terms for garden plants and implements. Show your students how to have fun growing a beautiful garden while at the same time increasing their French vocabulary!
  • Learn French for Free at Babbel.com
    Looking for a free, online resource to help you learn French? Look no further! Babbel.com is a smart, streamlined language-learning hub on the web. It focuses on teaching five major world languages through well-organized, pithy lessons. It also connects you with other language learners worldwide.
  • French Tenses: Passé Composé and Imparfait
    In French, the passé composé and the imparfait are both used to express actions that happened in the past. But when do you use each tense, and what is the difference between them? Take a look in this article.
  • Learning French: Describing Someone's Appearance and Personality
    This article will teach you important French words and phrases necessary to describe people: both the way they look, and the personality that they have. Knowing how to describe people is an important part of speaking a language, so read on to learn how you can describe another person...in French!
  • Learn French Through MMOs
    Learning French may seem like a dry and unfun task... but it doesn't have to be. Playing MMO games can provide a fun and immersive environment in which to learn French. Here's how.
  • French in Action Language Learning Curriculum: A Review
    French in Action is a dynamic, excellent language learning curriculum that will help you drastically improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing ability in French. It is easy to use in self-directed learning, has elements that are online and will provide hours of language learning fun!
  • Understanding the Plural Form of French Compound Nouns
    The plural form of compound nouns is one of the more difficult aspects of French grammar. There's no need to worry, however, as this article explains everything you need to know about the French plural form of compound nouns.
  • French le Futur Simple Tense
    Quickly learn how to conjugate French verbs in the futur simple tense. This article covers all three standard verb groups as well as several irregular verbs, along with examples of each. A downloadable worksheet for practice is also included.
  • Learn French Free Online: FSI's Introduction to Phonology
    Would you like to learn how to pronounce French perfectly, and do it online for free? You can, with FSI's "Introduction to French Phonology." The recorded phrases take you slowly through various French sounds, effectively teaching you excellent French pronunciation!
  • Useful French Business Phrases
    French is an important global language. It is considered the world’s second international language; and the power to communicate in French in daily life or in the world of business, travel or academics, is a very valuable skill. In this article, you can learn how to speak business French.
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