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  • Learn the Basics of Mandarin Chinese: The Use of 'Ba'
    把【bǎ】 is one of most difficult words to understand for Mandarin Chinese beginners. Find an explanation and examples of the use of 把【bǎ】as measuring word and 把【bǎ】construction that is often used in imperatives for something changes/is done with the things.
  • Free Chinese Lesson: A Chinese Listening Exercise
    Free Chinese listening exercise along with transcripts and audio file.
  • 10 Frequently Used Chinese Characters
    An introduction to 10 frequently used Chinese characters along with explanations and sample sentences.
  • Funny Chinese Expressions
    The Chinese language has plenty of humorous expressions. Here’s a few of them along with a brief explanation for each one.
  • Learn Chinese Language: Polyphone & Sound-Change Character
    When learning the Chinese language, you will probably find polyphones and sound change characters alike and confusing. Polyphone doesn't equal sound change character, but both of them have multiple pronunciations.
  • Learn Cantonese Chinese Phrases to Enhance Your Trip
    Learn Cantonese Chinese to enhance your cultural experience of China. These phrases will prove extremely useful, whether you're venturing into China itself or meeting Cantonese-speakers for business purposes. The following Cantonese Chinese phrases will really put you ahead of the game.
  • The Key to Learning Chinese Characters
    The most important thing you need to know in order to remember and learn Chinese characters.
  • Chinese Language Lesson Plans: Mandarin Grammar - Chinese Word Order
    Basically, Chinese and English have the same word order of subject – verb – object but it doesn’t mean that all Chinese sentences have the same structure as English. If you are new in teaching Chinese, here is a Chinese language lesson plan: how to teach Chinese word order.
  • Rosetta Stone Language Learning Review: Chinese Mandarin
    Rosetta Stone is widely considered one of the best language teaching courses you can find online. Having always wanted to learn Chinese, I checked out their Chinese Mandarin course. I found it to be a very enjoyable way to learn.
  • Learn How to Shop in Chinese
    China is a shopper’s paradise, and knowing some Chinese Mandarin may help you get some good bargains. Learn these Chinese phrases that are useful for shopping, download our vocabulary list for easy reference, and you’re ready to go!
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