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  • Learning Chinese Through Immersion in China
    Ever wanted to learn Chinese in China? This article provides a good starting point which will get you started and making progress in no time.
  • Learning Chinese Language: Read Muti-digit Numbers out in Chinese ASAP
    Could you read the number 15,880,000 out in Chinese once I write it down on a sheet of paper? This article using place value enables you to read numbers out in Chinese within a second after some practices.
  • Simple Chinese: Useful Sentences
    Some brief explanations as to how to get started to learn simplified Chinese by using simple Chinese sentences and words.
  • Learn Chinese Grammar: Measurement Words for Nouns
    Learn the fundamentals of using numbers or measurement words for counting nouns in Chinese. The examples in this article are a helpful guide.
  • A Method to Learn Chinese Fast
    The following method will give you some ideas to improve your Chinese (reading, speaking and writing).
  • Learn Mandarin: How to Use Chinese Characters to build Family Relationship Names
    Chinese families are hierarchical and paternal, (father’s families are internal and mother’s families are external). There is a title for each immediate and extended family member on both paternal and maternal side. Generally, they're built from the same radicals/characters in different combinations
  • Chinese Vocabulary for Going to the Supermarket
    Transform your next trip to the grocery store into a language learning experience. With this list of Chinese vocabulary for the supermarket, you'll be able to practice finding and purchasing foods in Chinese either in China or a Chinese grocery store in your hometown.
  • Watch Chinese TV Online & Learn to Speak the Language Fast!
    Watching TV in a foreign language can be a great way to begin learning to speak it. Find a collection of Chinese TV shows you can watch online and start to improve your language skills!
  • Consonants in the Mandarin Chinese Language
    Mandarin Chinese language consonants consist of 25 consonant sounds, 23 that occur at the beginning of a syllable and 2 that occur at the end of a syllable. To master the Mandarin Chinese language, you must first learn to recognize the consonants and memorize their pronunciation.
  • Learning About Sunrise and Sunset - In Chinese!
    What is the Chinese word for sunrise? The Chinese words for sunrise and sunset both have an interesting story and etymology detailing how their characters came into being. The story behind the characters can also help the new language student to more easily remember the words.
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