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Learning Hindi: When Love Is In the Air

written by: Sonal Panse • edited by: Trent Lorcher • updated: 6/26/2014

Love is universal, just expressed in regional ways. Here we will have a go at learning to say I love you in Hindi. Unlike English, there are several ways in which you can say this in Hindi.

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    Whether it's Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day that's approaching, you will want to pay attention to this lesson plan: We will learn to say Valentine I love you in Hindi. There are several synonyms for love in Hindi and different ways of saying I love you. Theek hai? Chalo dekhte hai. (Okay? Let's see).

    Subject: Learning to Speak Hindi - to say I love you in Hindi.

    Objectives: Students will learn the Hindi words for love and learn to say 'I love you' in Hindi.

    Prior Knowledge: It will help to know the following in Hindi -

    • Main - I
    • Tum, Tu (informal) -You
    • Aap (formal) - You.
    • The formal 'Aap' is always used for someone older, an authority figure, and someone you don't know very well. Some people also use it as a polite address in place of the familiar 'tum' or 'tu', so even children can be addressed as 'aap'.
    • Hindi follows a subject-object-verb sentence structure. So, while you would say 'I love you' in English, you would say 'I you love' in Hindi; that is, 'Main tumse pyar karta/karti hoon.'
    • Hindi verbs change according to subject gender, subject number, tense, action and formal/informal aspects.
    • Hindi has two genders, masculine and feminine; and two numbers, singular and plural.
    • Hindi is written in the Devanagari script. This is a phonetic script. Words are pronounced as they are written.
    • Devanagari alphabet - Not essential, but it wouldn't hurt to know the basics.
    • It might help to know a bit about Indian culture.
    • The 'n' at the end of 'main' and 'hoon' is nasal. You don't pronounce 'main' as the English word 'main' or 'hoon' like the word 'loon'.


    • Chalkboard
    • Chalk
    • Worksheets written in Devanagari script
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    There are several synonyms for love in Hindi. You can write these on the board for everyone to see, in both English and Devanagari. The synonyms are as follows -

    • Prem - love
    • Pyar - love
    • Mohhabbat - love
    • Iskh - love

    Three other synonyms, which would not generally be used in the 'I love you' address form are:

    • Kaam - lust
    • Sneh - affection/platonic love
    • Mamta - affection/platonic love/maternal love

    Write and read aloud the following Hindi sentences, all of which mean 'I love you':

    • Main tumse prem karta hoon (masculine)
    • Iloveyoua Main tumse premr karti hoon (feminine)
    • Main tumse pyar karta hoon (masculine)
    • Main tumse pyar karti hoon (feminine)
    • Main aapse pyar karta hoon (masculine)
    • Main aapse pyar karti hoon (feminine)
    • Mujhe tumse pyar hai
    • Iloveyoub Mujhe tumse mohhabbat hai
    Here are some variations:
    • Mujhe tumse iskh huwa hai - I have fallen in love with you
    • Main bhi tumse/aapse prem/pyar/mohhabbat karta/karti hoon - I love you too
    • Mujhe bhi tumse iskh huwa hai - I have also fallen in love with you


    And, of course, if you don't want the romantic attention, you can say:

    • Mujhe akela chod do! - Leave me alone!

    A bit melodramatic in the Bollywood style, but it ought to work. If not, here's another Hindi word -

    • Bacchao! - Help or Save me!


    Ask the students to say I love you in Hindi out loud and check that they get the pronunciation right.


    Use the Devanagari worksheets to practice writing in Hindi.

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