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  • Three Reasons to Learn a Second Language
    Are you dying of boredom in your high school Spanish class? Sick of slogging through Rosetta Stone? About ready to give up? Read on for some of the many reasons why it's important to learn a second language.
  • Positive Second Language Acquisition Effects
    This article points out the positive effects of language acquisition, gives valuable tips on how to motivate students to learn a foreign language and gives some three-step-advice for including foreign cultures into language classes.
  • Parts of Speech: Nouns
    If you want to learn about all there is to learn, you'll need a lot of nouns! All of reality is populated with nouns. Find out what they are, what kinds there are and how they are used, in this article. Important for students starting a foreign language, or for their teachers.
  • Rosetta Stone Online vs. Rosetta Stone Software Installed
    How does Rosetta Stone's online service match up against having the Rosetta Stone software installed on your own computer? Find out in this Bright Hub Education review.
  • Google Translator Toolkit: Translating and Editing with the Newest Feature of Google Translate
    The Google Translator Toolkit allows you to organize your documents, obtain machine translations of them and edit the translations line by line with the help of tools such as a dictionary, a glossary, computer translation and previous human translations.
  • The Good and Bad of Rosetta Stone Software
    Find out what Rosetta Stone can--and can't--do for you when learning a new language. Rosetta Stone bills itself as the best language learning software in existence. And it's good. But there are still a few critical flaws in this language learning machine.
  • Understanding Body Language of Saying Hello In Different Cultures
    How do people greet one another around the world? A kiss, a hug, a handshake, a bow: one of these, or something different, could be the proper way to greet someone depending on their country and culture. Read on to discover the body language of greetings in cultures around the world.
  • Glean the Best Benefits From the Rosetta Stone Software
    The Rosetta Stone language course programs are hefty but effective investments in both time and money. Use these tips, including scheduling your time with the program, to get the most value out of your investment.
  • Writing Problems in a Second Language: The Lowdown
    Writing problems in second language acquisition occur for even the most experienced of ESL students. Why not examine these simple and easy solutions to some common writing quandaries in a second language? They could prove to be invaluable in your English language studies.
  • Improving Comprehension and Fluency in the English Language
    Improving English language skills can be fun and engaging with the help of the resources outlined in this concise article. Fluency and comprehension skills are of course invaluable to English learners, so why not take advantage of these helpful tips?
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