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  • Learning Japanese: Everyday Particles
    Particles are an important part of Japanese grammar. They are used to mark word use and are found in every sentence. Learn some of the most common ones and how to use them including the two most common Japanese particles: wa and wo.
  • Activities for the Classroom: How Do You Write I Love You in Japanese?
    For Activities for the Classroom, consider teaching How Do You Write I Love You in Japanese. You must first help students understand which type of love they wish to express and how it is appropriate to express it to someone else. Then you can discuss the kanji for love and how it can be used
  • An Interesting Way to Teach the Japanese Kanji
    Teaching Japanese can be a daunting task, especially the Japanese Kanjis. With the method described in this article, there is a way to make your classes fun and interesting!
  • Teaching and Learning Japanese Onomatopoeia
    Share the excitement of gitaigo and giseigo (Japanese onomatopoeia) with Japanese learners by using it to decipher the world in the eyes of a native Japanese speaker. These repeating words are fun and useful in conversation and will make the listener of the language 'waku waku suru.'
  • A Guide to Teaching Color Words in Japanese
    Are your students learning the names of colors in Japanese? Use these tips for different methods of teaching these color words. Look for the included color-coded flashcards to use in your classroom.
  • A Fun Way to Remember Kanji Characters with Free Flashcards!
    Do you find learning Japanese Kanji a difficult task? In this article, I will introduce a fun method I've been using for a while now to easily remember some Kanji. You will use Kanji Flashcards to learn Kanji, but not ordinary Kanji flashcards. Find out how to make your own free Kanji flashcards.
  • A Fun and Easy Way to Learn the Japanese Kanji
    This article is a follow up to my previous articles about Kanji. It provides a fun and easy to method to quickly remember the Japanese Kanji.
  • Writing the Japanese Kanji Made Easy
    Writing the Japanese Kanji may seem like a difficult task. There are a few simple rules to follow however that will make your life a whole lot easier. This article introduces, in clear and simple terms, how to write the Japanese Kanji like a native.
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