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  • Foreign Language Infant Learning Resources
    Infants learn at an amazing pace because they seem to have a natural ability to learn new materials and new concepts easily during that stage of their development. Where can you find foreign languages CDs and other resources to use with infants and help them discover and learn a foreign language?
  • Using Music to Boost Your Baby's Development
    Music can have a calming and positive effect on young and old. Find out how you can use music in your baby's life to boost brain development as well as calm and soothe your infant.
  • Techniques to Teach Language to Infants
    A little confused as to how to teach language to infants, or what it should look like in your infant classroom? Crying, cooing and babbling are all big steps in the journey. Read this primer on infant language development and use the ideas in your own classroom.
  • Homemade Toys for Infants – Sensory Development
    Here are some ideas to enhance sensory development in your young child. In this article we will look at how to make your own baby toys and sensory activities - finger paint, tag blankets and baby massage.
  • Homemade Toys to Enhance Infant Development: Gross and Fine Motor Movement
    Make some of your own, safe baby toys to enhance gross and fine motor development in your growing infant. Follow these easy directions!
  • Teaching Baby to Sign: The Basics
    Baby sign language is not just a new fad in the never ending "things babies need" realm. Researchers in child development have found that sign language is easy for the baby to learn and aids in their ability to communicate, which decreases the baby's, as well as the parent's frustration level.
  • Planning Lessons & Activities for Infants: Guidelines for Teachers
    Infants need a balance of fine and gross motor play, sensory play and outdoor play each day. Use these tips for creating individualized infant lesson plans and activities in your day care or preschool.
  • Sensory Play for Infants: Five Safe Project Ideas
    Sensory play can be a valuable experience for infants. Try some of these safe projects to boost the fine motor skills and sensory development of young children.
  • Three to Six Months: Milestones to Expect In Your Baby's Development
    Are you curious about your baby and its development? This article will cover milestones for babies between three to six months of age. Learn what you can expect from your baby during this time of their life.
  • Baby's First Steps and Walk: How to "Teach" a Baby to Walk
    Do you feel your baby is ready to walk? Find out the readiness signs for walking and how to encourage a baby to walk with these fun and interactive gross motor activities!
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