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  • Creative Interaction With Your 8-Month-Old Child
    When your baby is less than a year old, the toys and games they play will help them with their development. Learning which games will help your baby along the right path is every parent's wish. Here are some great suggestions to get your little one on his or her journey.
  • Gross Motor Skill Development for Infants and Toddlers
    Here are creative curriculum ideas for infants and toddlers who need to develop or improve gross motor skills like running, walking, or crawling. Learn what gross motor skills are and how to use movement and art as developmental gross motor skills activities for youngsters.
  • Physical Development Guidelines for Early Childhood
    As an early childhood teacher, you might wonder how you can enhance student physical development. Learning about guidelines at each age and stage is a first step. This can help you develop activities geared towards helping children reach their potential and finding success in the physical realm.
  • What's the Big Deal About Tummy Time?
    Does your infant scream in protest with every attempt at tummy time? Time on the stomach encourages infant motor skill development and prevents flattened head syndrome. If your infant resists tummy time, this article provides tips and suggestions for increasing infant tolerance to the position.
  • Vision, Movement and Learning Activities that Promote Reading Readiness
    Reading involves many visual skills that parents and teachers may not even be aware of. These include ocular motor control, scanning and visual perceptual discrimination. The good news is that visual strategies that involve movement promote brain development and learning.
  • Sounds on the Way to Speech
    Children have different rates of learning, and their ability to speak and communicate is often regarded as a measure of their overall ability. Most children learn to speak as they hear people around them talking, but how do parents know if their child’s speech development is adequate for his age?
  • Review of the Educational Program, Your Baby Can Read!
    Babies and toddlers learn from a variety of techniques and approaches. When children are very young, their minds are able to absorb and are eager to learn. Children love to be read to and can even learn to read well before school by using different methods. Read on for a Your Baby Can Read review.
  • Three Top Rated Baby Books to Read to Your Infant
    Reading to a baby is very beneficial to the development of their overall learning skills. It also helps them develop an attention span, learn about good habits and routine while bonding with their parents
  • Music for Unborn Babies
    There are many things a caregiver can do to stimulate brain development in babies. One of the easiest and most enjoyable is through the use of music. Starting before even the birth, music has shown to be effective in influencing baby development.
  • First Day of Daycare: A Guide for New Parents
    All modern working parents have to go through the first day of daycare and the pangs of separation from their baby. Having some guidelines in place will make this experience go smoother for parents, care-givers and the infants.
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