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Playing With Your Baby: Activities for Infants

written by: Keren Perles • edited by: Sarah Malburg • updated: 1/5/2012

Can you really play with an infant who is only a few months old? Sure you can – if you know the right way to approach infant play. This article will give you some great infant play activities to try.

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    Making Music

    Your baby is old enough to play as long as you know the right infant play activities to get him interested! For example, many babies absolutely love music. Try turning on your favorite music and dancing with your baby, holding him in your arms or in a sling. Sing songs to your baby – everything from, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to “I’m Proud to Be an American." Although lullabies work well for bedtime routines, babies enjoy more active songs as well. Don’t turn up the volume of the music too much though, or your baby might protest the loudness.

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    Infant Aerobics

    Think you’re the only one who needs to exercise? Although your baby will get plenty of exercise later on – crawling and climbing on everything – at this point, helping your baby “exercise" is a great way to play with her. Try stretching out her arms and crossing them in front of her in a hugging position. Repeat several times, singing “Out and in, out and in" in a singsong voice. Then push her legs gently so that they’re curled up to her chest, and then let them go. Many infants enjoy having their arms and legs stretched, especially since they can’t consciously do it themselves.

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    Toys – How to Use Them

    Baby toys are great ways to keep your infant happy, but they can be overused. Throwing a toy into your baby’s infant seat every time she cries may keep her happy for a bit, but what she really needs is your attention. Use her toys to play with her instead. Shake a rattle on one side of her head, and see if she can turn her head to find it. Hold her hand and help her to stroke a soft stuffed animal or to squeeze part of a toy to make a crinkling noise. As she gets a bit older, take two of her small toys and have them “talk" to each other and act something out. Even infants will enjoy watching this – and it’s a lot more interactive than watching a cartoon!

    These infant play activities will help to develop the bond between you and your infant, and they can even help to teach your infant important skills that he will need later in life. Enjoy these activities for infants - in no time, your baby will be playing right back!

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