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Baby's First Quiz...How Much Do You Know About Infant Development

written by: Susan Verner • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 6/6/2012

Have you ever wondered if your baby is developing along the same time table as other babies? After taking this quiz you will know what you should expect of your little bundle of joy.

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    How Much Do You Know About Your Baby?

    How Much Do You Know About Your Baby? 

    While you may not be able to predict your baby's development to the day or even the week, babies do follow a general pattern of development. While you should not fear if your child does not seem as advanced as another child his age, you should note when your child reaches major milestones. How varied is infant development? Take this milestone quiz to find out!

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    Baby Development Quiz


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  • "Sign Language for Babies"
  • "Is Your Baby On Track?"
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