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  • Ace the Trig Exam With This Study Guide
    Most of trigonometry involves lots of memorization, or lots of reference checking. Practice some basic formulas and rules that will get you started on nearly everything.
  • Learning the Laws of Algebra
    What's the difference between the associative and commutative laws, and why should you care? Understanding the basic algebraic laws gives you an understanding of the core of algebra itself.
  • A Guide to Proving Trig Identities
    Proving identities is a big part of any trigonometry class (or method of study). Here, you will find a basic method that will work on every problem, an example of how to use it, and additional tips and tricks to save you some time.
  • Solve Equations with Order of Operations
    Why does the order matter? Here's an explanation of the order of operations, its importance, some memory devices and some examples with solutions.
  • Steps for Adding and Subtracting Three Digit Numbers: Examples and Resources
    Adding and subtracting three-digit numbers is very similar to adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. You just have an extra place, the hundreds place, to work with. Here are the steps for both types of problems and some online resources where you can practice.
  • How to Simplify Square Roots
    Learn an easy, step-by-step process for reducing square roots, complete with tips on how to spot your own mistakes. This system for simplifying radicals works every time!
  • Calculating Weighted Averages Simplified
    Many students ask how to calculate weighted averages. Understanding the technique is quite essential for solving math problems at almost any level. In this article, we will present to formula for calculating weighted averages and offer some quick calculation tips.
  • Math Ratio Games and Problem Examples
    This article provides the reader with fun and creative ways to practice learning about ratios while at home. You will also find online resources with free math ratio games, instructions and quizzes as well as videos illustrating and teaching the concept of ratios.
  • Finding the Quotient of a Division Word Problem: Examples and Resources
    Learn how to find the quotient of a division word problem by following the tips and techniques provided by this article. Read the explanations for basic concepts and components to serve as a guide for formulating the equation – then download the drill practice calculations.
  • Learn How to Solve Square Root Math Problems: Examples and Resources
    If you're having trouble, remember most square root problems are based on either simplification, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mixture. Read on for simple instructions, and you'll never be afraid of square roots again!
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