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  • How to Read Roman Numerals: It's As Easy as I... II...III!
    Students should know Roman numerals. Why? Well, Roman numerals are still used in ways (like on individual test questions, chapter numbers or watches). Don't be confused any longer - learn how to read and write Roman numerals here!
  • Understanding the Rules for Fractions
    Improve your grades on math tests and homework by understanding the rules for fractions. This guide covers adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, along with other tricky subjects.
  • Learn How to Calculate Interest Rate
    Do you have problems in math? Don't know how to calculate interest rate? It's easy. Learn how to calculate interest rate in three easy steps.
  • Help with Decimals: Converting to Fractions
    Here are the steps needed to convert a decimal to a fraction put in simple terms!
  • Practice Elementary Math Operations With This Cheat Sheet
    This cheat sheet for elementary math will help you to remember the basic rules. Use this as a review or as a study sheet to stay current in your studies. Use this sheet to practice solving all types of math problems and never worry about forgetting your basic math rules again.
  • Doing Math Fast: Using Shortcuts
    Want to be able to answer math questions quickly? Sometimes you don't need an exact answer; often an estimate is good enough. Learn how to estimate the solutions to math problems quickly!
  • Examples of How to Find the Derivative in Calculus
    The derivative can be described as the slope, and the limit of a function. The derivative is a function that can be solved. Students can easily solve derivative problems if they know the theory, the rules that apply to solving it and see several examples of finding the derivative in Calculus.
  • How to Multiply Mixed Fractions
    Many students struggle with multiplying fractions, especially when they're mixed numbers rather than simple fractions. Learn how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions and multiply them quickly and easily.
  • Learn about Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line
    A number line is a simple visual aid used for comparing numbers. Usually, we use number lines to show whole numbers, but we can also show decimals and fractions on a number line. Use this study guide to learn more about whole numbers, fractions and decimals on a number line.
  • Functions List for Trigonometry
    A not-quite-exhaustive, but certainly extensive list of trig formulas and identities. Almost everything you might need is here, along with some things you may not have seen yet.
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