Test Your Trigonometry Knowledge. Do You Know a Sine from a Cosine or a Tangent?

Most people groan when they think of Trigonometry. In the book October Sky, by Homer Hickman, a group of kids had to teach themselves trig, calculus and physics in order to participate in a science fair that opened the door to their future. Trigonometry is used in navigation, physics, construction and other fields. The word trigonometry came from two Greek words, trig, meaning triangle and metra meaning measurement. Basically, trigonometry is the study of the relationships among the angles and sides of triangles. Maybe the biggest hurdle in learning trig is, knowing all the terms. This match quiz will help you determine if you know your tangent from your cosine and help you master trigonometry.

Know Your Tangent from Your Cosine?

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Need Some Help Brushing Up On Your Trig Terms?

Here are some articles to help you brush up on your trigonometry terms. Check them out and come back to see if you can improve your score.

Functions List for Trigonometry – A not-quite-exhaustive, but certainly extensive list of trig formulas and identities.

Simple Trigonometry Mnemonics – Are you never sure what order those trigonometric ratios come in? What’s divided by what to produce what? Here are some clever memory devices.

Trigonometry Cheat Sheet – This is a condensed formula sheet to help prepare for exams.


  • Trigonometry The Easy Way by Douglas Downing, PH. D. and published by Barrons Educational Series

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