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  • Finding Magazines Your Daughter Will Love
    Do you need magazines appropriate for homeschooled girls? Now you can find good fiction, non-fiction articles and and stories along with much, much more. There are plenty of hardcopy as well as on-line and e-magazines for all age and reading levels.
  • Homeschool Conventions: Locations and Tips
    Get ready, the Homeschool Conventions are Coming! Need a homeschool convention in your area? Let me help! I found quite a few.
  • Getting it Down: Helping Homeschoolers to Journal Their Ideas
    Are your kids tired of writing prompts that don’t inspire them? Are you tired of the writing struggle that rolls around each fall? Journal writing doesn’t have to be painful. These ideas will inspire your student from within and allow their words to flow naturally.
  • Book Review & Activities: "I Am a Home Schooler" by Julie Voetberg
    For anyone who has ever questioned or wondered about home schooling "I Am a Homeschooler" by Julie Voetberg will provide many answers. Read the review of the book and discover the many activities that could be used in conjunction with it.
  • What Age Should you Begin Homeschooling Your Student?
    So you've made the decision to homeschool, now comes the question, at what age do you start? Children are learning vast amounts of information from birth. What age is too soon for structured learning, and what does the law say? Find some help deciding when to begin instruction with this article.
  • Tools to Help Your Student Succeed in a Homeschool Writing Course
    Does your student know what their role is in a homeschool writing course? When you give them clear expectations you are giving them an advantage. Here are the tools every homeschool writing teacher needs.
  • Making a Cardboard Castle for a Homeschool Project
    Medieval castles were built and used centuries ago, but our fascination with them still lingers. If you are studying the Middle Ages, building a cardboard castle will give everyone a better idea of how people lived and defended themselves during this time period. Here's what to do!
  • Homeschooling Magazines: A Home Educator's Guide to Four of the Top Magazines
    Homeschool magazines offer useful information on various teaching methods, reviews of curriculum programs, and article contributions from home educators. Homeschooling families who are interested in subscribing to magazines of this type can choose from several publications with good-quality content.
  • Homeschool Sewing Lesson: Make a Craft Apron
    This easy sewing lesson for kids gives you a simple project that allows students of all ages to create something useful. Teach your child the basics of sewing by making a simple craft apron that can be designed for both boys and girls.
  • Homeschool Programs: American Literature Studies
    Authentically American poems, songs, and stories give elementary to high school students a better understanding of the experiences that shaped America. Stories encourage reluctant readers and give students a better understanding of their American identity.
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