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  • I Need Fresh Ideas! Helpful Teaching Tips For Homeschoolers
    Homeschooling can be fantastic, and it can be challenging! This guide is packed with quality resources, tips and advice for the journey. Most of the authors featured here have homeschooled, and they offer their best ideas to help you do your job even better.
  • Curriculum Guidelines for Homeschooling 4th Grade
    Use this article as a guide to see whether your child has enough knowledge to pass and move up to the 5th grade.
  • Excellent English Grammar Resources for Homeschool Students: Elementary to High School
    Using good grammar is vital to sounding and appearing educated. Using good grammar means the difference between "It's time to eat, Grandma" and "It's time to eat Grandma." Before you grab a fork and knife (or call the authorities), make sure you know what your student means by getting grammar help!
  • The Low-Down on High School Level Homeschooling
    Parents with high school level homeschoolers face unique challenges. What do you do when you don't know the material covered? What should the curriculum cover? How do you prepare your student for college applications? When should the student take the SAT? Don't feel overwhelmed. It will be okay!
  • The Five Step Process to Write Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: No One Does It Better Than You
    Homeschool educators can easily be intimidated by the big publishers who brag years of experience when it comes to curriculum, but no one knows better than you what your child’s educational strengths are. With these five easy steps you can write a homeschool curriculum perfect for your child.
  • Let's Play Ball! Play Tall! Play Y'all! Simple Phonics Games for Your Homeschooler
    Phonics is the keystone to reading success for any young student. These games will entice your homeschooler and help him learn at the same time. The best part? They are free and require little or no preparation.
  • Fun Ways To Teach Homeschool Geography
    Go around the world with your home school student by studying geography! Try these creative tips, resources and curriculum suggestions to get your student excited about geography.
  • Homeschooling Gifted Children: Tips for Parents
    Many parents worry that they will not be able to keep the gifted child challenged in their studies while homeschooling. There are plenty of ways for you to nurture your gifted student's creativity and curiosity at home. Get some ideas, tips and resources here.
  • How to Make Homeschooling Work as a Single Parent
    I know how tough it is sometimes as a single parent to relax, let alone plan a curriculum, but I'm here to tell you that it can be done. Single moms homeschool with increasing frequency. If you want to be successful at this endeavor, you'll need to be organized when it comes to planning.
  • Homeschooling and Fundraisers: Tips for Success
    Do you wish that your family homeschool or your homeschooling group could afford some of those wonderful extras that make learning more exciting and memorable? Read on for a listing of legitimate fundraising ideas for homeschoolers as well as some thoughts on what to do with that extra cash.
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