100th Day of Homeschool: Fun & Educational Activities for Homeschoolers

If you begin homeschooling the first week in September, then you can expect to reach the 100th day of school around the first week in February. Parents can choose one or several of these activities to do with their children to celebrate the 100th day of school.

10 Activities

1. Find 100 objects and place them into a bag. The cheapest and smallest items are M&M’s, Skittles, Cheerios, pennies, or cotton balls. This is a fun Math activity for the younger children.

2. Make a 100th-day pair of sunglasses. Draw the number 100 in bubble letters. Cut out the middle of the zeros. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole on each side and attach string to the holes to create a band. Wrap the band around the child’s head. Color and wear. This is a fun craft activity.

3. Put together a 100 piece puzzle. Create fun time for yourself and see if you can complete the puzzle in 100 minutes or 100 seconds or less.

4. Have the writing journal entry center around the number 100. For example, write about the generations that have been born in your family over the past 100 years or write about a trip you took that was 100 miles long and what you saw along the way. Write a 100th-day poem. Have the child list 100 objects that he or she can count.

5. Paint a masterpiece of 100 dots. Title the painting “The 100th Day of School.” If you have a very large poster, then the child can paint 100 stars, instead.

6. Give each of your children 100 Legos and see what they can create in 100 seconds. This will show how creative they are, as well as, how they handle pressure.

7. Have your child read The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis. The book costs $3.99 new at Amazon or $.01 used. This book is a grade two reader, so if your child is under the age of seven, then you may have to help him or her to read it.

8. For computer class, have your child type 100 words. It can be a list of names or the number words from zero to 100. For older students, give them a challenge, like to list 100 titles of books that they have read or movies that they have watched on DVD.

9. Bake a cake from scratch and decorate it with the number 100. Then have the children pour 100 sprinkles or jimmies on top of it. This is a great home economics project.

10. Do 100 jumping jacks, sit-ups, laps around the car, or push-ups. This is great for gym class. If your child needs to break up the exercises, then they can do ten different exercises in repetitions of ten. For example, the child would do ten sit-ups and then ten jumping jacks, etc.

How do you celebrate the 100th day of school? Leave a comment to share your tips, ideas and activities!