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  • Activities & Tips for Hosting a Homeschool Christmas Party
    Christmas is a great time of year for social activities and traditions. If you belong to a homeschool group you will probably already have a Christmas party planned. However, not everyone belongs to a group: This writer and her daughter do not, but they still plan a party at home. You can, too.
  • How to Make a Homeschool Yearbook
    Homeschoolers don’t have to miss out on anything – especially not a yearbook that captures the year in pictures, words and memories. Use this short tutorial to make your own homeschool yearbook.
  • How to Write a Memorable Speech to Commemorate Your Homeschool Graduation
    So you're going to give a speech at your homeschool graduation ceremony? Learn the components of a well-delivered speech and get ideas on what to include to make your speech a memorable one.
  • Pen Pal Ideas and Tips for Homeschoolers
    As homeschool parents, we are always looking for unique ways of entertaining children while they learn. When a child writes to a pen pal, it allows him exposure to a different way of life, culture or even language. Where does one find a pen pal? Should you start your own pen pal group?
  • Research on Academic Success and Socialization of Homeschooled Students
    If you're wondering how homeschooled students do with socialization, academic achievement and college success compared to traditionally schooled children, read on! Research reveals the answers to these questions in this article.
  • Home School P.E. Ideas
    Are you looking for ways to keep your homeschooled child physically active? This article features standards for physical education and home school P.E. ideas to incorporate into your school day.
  • Unique Homeschool Tours and Cruises
    In this article you will learn about homeschool educational opportunities beyond your home. These new travel opportunities can take a homeschool family to Alaska, Belize, or even Israel! Read on to find out more!
  • Homeschool Groups in Tennessee
    If you are searching for other families that home educate, support groups are a great way to get connected. This article features the larger homeschool support groups in TN (Tennessee). Read on to find out what these groups offer, what regions of the state they serve, and their website addresses.
  • Five Social Activities for Homeschooled Children
    The possible social disadvantages of homeschooling are something that many homeschool parents worry about. However, many consider this worry to be unfounded. There are many ways to encourage socialization in homeschooled children including sports, religious activities, and more.
  • Simple Social Ideas for Homeschooled Students
    There are lots of ways for homeschooled children to make friends easily. Some ideas include signing them up for several weekly activities, such as play groups and field trips. Extra-curricular classes or group activities are other methods.
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