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  • Homeschool Legally: How to Homeschool in Delaware
    State laws and rules to guide non-public schools can dictate nearly every decision a parent or guardian makes. Luckily, a fair number of states impose few regulations. Check out all of the legalities to know how to homeschool in Delaware.
  • Homeschool Legally: Homeschooling Requirements in Illinois
    Each state in America has to tell parents if they can homeschool their child and specify any conditions. Parents and guardians use public information to abide by homeschooling requirements in Illinois in order to achieve legitimate recognition as an institution of learning.
  • Homeschool Legally: Georgia Homeschooling Requirements
    Following the law in the state where your homeschool exists prevents unwanted legal problems and expenses. Georgia homeschooling requirements inform parents about running a home study program within the rules to avoid unnecessary hurdles in teaching the child away from the public school setting.
  • Homeschool Legally: Louisiana Homeschool Laws
    Although homeschool extends freedom to families, following the law is just as important to breaking from the chains of public schooling. Louisiana homeschool laws spell out everything parents must do to legally teach their child in a private setting.
  • Legal Issues in Homeschooling Special Needs Students
    Some parents decide to homeschool children who have already been recognized by the state as a special education student. Depending on where one lives, the laws for homeschooling children with special needs can vary. Learn more about how to follow state homeschool and special education laws.
  • Homeschooling Regulations by State
    Some states are quite liberal when it comes to homeschooling, but others have strict requirements. It is important to know your state's requirements before beginning to homeschool, as some states require curriculum approval and/or home evaluations.
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