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  • Making A Homeschool Decision? 8 Different Ways To Educate At Home
    If you are considering homeschooling, than you're probably wondering what your options are. There are so many different ways to home educate so here we feature eight of the most widely used styles of homeschooling. Making a homeschooling decision is easier when you are well informed.
  • About Basal Reader Programs for Homeschooling
    Basal readers focus on highly organized, sequential learning, using a “look-say" or sight word approach. This can be an easy option for homeschooling parents to teach their children how to read. Learn more about this method and the books available here.
  • The Best Special Education Curriculum for Homeschooling
    The constant shuffling through pages and pages of brochures and websites can finally come to an end. The right special education curriculum for homeschooling is easy to select when you know what to look for exactly. Let individuality be your defining point.
  • The Waldorf Homeschooling Method for Grades K to 8
    Homeschooling methods and curricula abound for virtually any family, no matter their spiritual or religious affiliation, preferred teaching or learning style, or level of commitment. Waldorf homeschooling is one of many programs based more on approach than specific curricula requirements.
  • Why Start Homeschooling in Kindergarten?
    Is Kindergarten necessary for a child's educational development? Should you begin homeschooling at the Kindergarten grade level? This article shows through educational research and studies the pros and cons of starting with Kindergarten.
  • A Guide on How to Start Homeschooling Your Child
    How do I start homeschooling my child? Have you asked yourself this question? This article will answer this question and share candid thoughts about making the decision to homeschool, as well as ideas for setting up a workspace, thinking through daily planning, and other information.
  • Why Embrace the Montessori Homeschooling Method?
    The Montessori method is based on an educational philosophy that places the students at the center. As a homeschooling method, it works well for preschool and elementary aged students. Learn more about the benefits to this learning method.
  • Brief Biographies of Five Famous Homeschoolers
    Many famous and important people throughout history have been homeschooled. Here's a look at just a few, some of the names may surprise you!
  • What is Unschooling? Brief Guide
    Unschooling has been making waves in the education industry for years and has taken hold of many educators and parents across the globe. It is essentially the opposite to traditional schooling as we know it. Learn more about this educational method.
  • The Status of Homeschooling in the U.S.
    How did the current homeschooling movement come about and what are it's modern influences? Learn a little bit more about the status of homeschooling in America today.
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