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  • Options for Developing a Home-School Packaged Curriculum
    Parents have their reasons for opting for home school packaged curricula for their children who are school-aged. Read on to learn about options for both Christian and secular curriculum packages for homeschoolers.
  • Programs to Help Your Homeschooled Student Learn French
    Aujourd'hui nous étudions le Français. Imagine yourself saying that phrase to your student, "Today, we study French." It is totally possible. While there are some online options to help you teach, there are also some very good traditional resources for teaching the French language at home.
  • High School Student Life Skills: Choosing a Homeschool Consumer Math Curriculum
    One of the advantages to home schooling is being able to apply the skills your student is learning to real life. A Consumer Math class is the perfect way to help high school students learn to manage money wisely.
  • Overview of A Beka Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Pros & Cons
    Before you purchase the A Beka Christian-themed home education curriculum, there are some things you need to know. This is a very popular choice for homeschooling parents, but there are some cons to the curriculum as well.
  • Suggested Options for a Homeschool Physics Curriculum
    If you are interested in having your child study homeschool physics, you have several options available. From a light approach for younger children, to college level courses, you can provide a thorough homeschooling physics education.
  • Overview of 5 Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Choices
    Homeschool Spanish curriculum covers all grade levels. Whether you want to teach your grade schooler or have your high school homeschooler earn foreign language credit, you have several Spanish program options.
  • A Look at the Sonlight History Curriculum
    Sonlight offers complete homeschool curriculum for all grades. This program promotes a Christian worldview and it is built around high quality children’s books. This review focuses on the literature and history modules.
  • Reviewing The Mystery of History Curriculum
    The Mystery of History is a Christian homeschool course for grades K-12. It is a chronological study of history with interesting hands-on activities, mapwork, timeline study, and weekly quizzes. Its strong Biblical foundation teaches children to understand history from a Christian worldview.
  • Is Calvert Math Right for Your Homeschool Students?
    When choosing a math curriculum, the structure of the curriculum, teaching methodology, testing style and format, availability of an answer key and explanations, and use of manipulatives are all important considerations. How does Calvert math measure up for your family?
  • The Laurel Springs School College Prep Home School Program
    Want to know more about how the Laurel Springs School prepares students for college? Read about the various components of the program that are designed to help children reach their academic and personal goals.
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